• 30% higher value forecasts a revenue of 50 million for Monty Mobile customers

UAE: On the first day of the much-anticipated GITEX 2022, global telecom solutions provider, Monty Mobile, announced the launch of innovative new features to support its communications platform for the first time in the Middle East. The new features will support back-end enhancements to enable a complete digital communication transformation, empowering businesses to increase customer service efficiency and provide a personalized interactive experience embedded directly into brands’ marketing touch points.

This all-in-one communication platform enables enterprises to manage customer communications more seamlessly and efficiently across 20+ channels, within a single cloud-based platform, accelerating real-time communication for 60 million+ users worldwide; Monty Mobile’s analysis of more than 135,000 campaigns launched in 2021, yielded more than 610 million messages. Furthermore, the platform will deliver superior performance at lower costs, enabling the monetization of communication channels and resulting in improved outcomes and new revenue streams. A sample of users reported a 300% increase in ROI and a 55% increase in efficiency and productivity, demonstrating the platform's designed capability.

“With the implementation of these new features, our platform will offer a more streamlined customer journey while guaranteeing communication success. By increasing customer engagement, this conversational messaging platform will help you transform your communication with customers digitally by utilizing the advanced channels and features supported via our solution”, states Hassan Mansour, CEO of Monty Mobile.

“We've seen a 9.5% year over year increase in annual income for businesses that use our platform, compared to a 3.4% increase for companies that don't. After this success, we are now introducing the updated version with up-to-date channels and features where customers can shop and pay via chat just by subscribing and using Monty Communication Platform integrations”, he continues.

Monty Mobile’s communication platform supports all major chat and messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Chat, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Viber Business, Line, along with other channels including emails, and the no-code Chabot which is built over AI and automation easily managed by platform users. Businesses can benefit from added value services such as Video calls, agent management, Call center, and App center where they can integrate multiple apps on the platform like Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Q-ticketing, Zendesk, Teams, YouTube, Tokopedia, Play store and Skype.

Mansour further adds: “our clients can also benefit from our experience in sales, client onboarding, and customer service. They can now bring new communication solutions to their customers and enable their engagement capabilities by collaborating with our top engineers. Not to mention, they can benefit from our global consulting and technical assistance. Our highly professional and dedicated teams will put their enthusiasm and years of industry experience into work to help our clients attract new business prospects”.

The cloud-based user interface platform requires simple API integration, weaving easily into any technology platform and workflow. Monty Mobile’s engineering team maintains over 300 server commands to manage billions of API requests and millions of user traffic.

In today's highly technological world, connecting with customers across multiple platforms is not only necessary but also one of the major driving forces for today's businesses. Monty Mobile’s Communication Platform is a technology designed to meet these requirements and maximize customer engagement, businesses in a variety of industries require cost-effective, simple, and intelligent solutions.

Headquartered in the UK with 11 international offices covering more than 120 countries, Monty Mobile strives to provide the best innovative technology by extending its portfolio towards a wide range of Fintech, Data Monetization, and Mobile Advertising solutions. The company has grown into a key regional player in the telecommunication business, supporting above 500 mobile operators and service providers around the world.

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About Monty Mobile:

Monty Mobile is a global fast growing telecommunication company offering innovative technology and communication solutions. We provide cutting-edge digital products and services for mobile network operators, enterprises, and service providers across different industries. Our revolutionary conversational & communication platform, messaging, and network monetization platforms, facilitate the international flow of communication globally, allowing service providers to offer an optimal customer experience while boosting their revenues through a broad variety of in-house developed state-of-the-art products.