Dubai, UAE: OMNES Media has revealed the agenda of sessions and workshops for the Arab Influencers Gathering 'Kalam Medina', which is slated to take place early next October in collaboration with the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) at the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center in the Dead Sea, Jordan.

Scheduled to be held between the 2nd and 5th of next October, the gathering will bring together more than 500 social media influencers, specialists in the influencer marketing industry, and media representatives from different Arab countries to review and discuss the industry's recent and most important developments. In addition to daily meetings with the most prominent influential Arab personalities, the gathering includes 6 panel discussions and 6 workshops aimed and proposing recommendations and solutions to many of the issues under discussion.

The forum sessions will tackle a number of important issues in the Influencer marketing Industry, most notably the 'the true definition and proper application of influencer marketing' in the first session, in which speakers will discuss the assess the industry in light of the growing role of social media over the past few decades and its dominance over many aspects of our daily lives. The second session will shed light on of the impact that influencer marketing has on the tourism industry, as the tourism and travel industry has become a primary source of income for many influencers, while many countries and airlines and tourism companies around the world seek work with the influencers' to directly promote their destinations. The 'influencer content' topic will be the focus of the third session, which will highlight the importance of the quality of content in everything offered through social media.

The forum will also host a special session on the role of social media networks which have become a main platform for more than four and a half billion people to share a wide spectrum of content, opinions, ideas, and interests. And given the increasing need to pay attention to the importance of the relationship between influencers and their followers, a specialized session will be hosted to discuss the pros and cons of social media impact on the community and the world.

The economy and how it is impacted by the influencer marketing industry in the Arab world will be the focus of extensive discussions extending to the nature of the relationship between influencers and brands in light of the growing spending on influencer marketing and content creators by most economic and commercial sectors while also reviewing its effect on businesses and local economies.

For his part, Fahed Aldeeb, CEO of OMNES Media, the organizer of 'Kalam Madina', stressed that the gathering, with its topics, discussions and content, will be a starting point for many recommendations and proposals and initiatives aimed at enhancing the industry growth of the influencer marketing and content creating sectors in the Arab world.

The gathering will also host 6 specialized workshops to address a number of important issues such as the role of the Arabic language and its impact on the content industry, the importance of charitable and volunteer activities within the influencer’s agenda, how to choose the right influencer, driving profits and maximizing revenues, and content and marketing strategies.

The Arab Influencers Gathering 'Kalam Madina' is sponsored by Royal Jordanian Airlines as the national carrier, OMNES Influencers, Yalla Group, and QQQ Media, and is set to be held annually in in different Arab cities within the MENA region with the aim of assessing the latest developments in the influencer marketing industry and opening up prospects for cooperation between the various relevant parties, in addition to promoting the host country. This year's forum will include tours to a number of tourist destinations in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.