Amman, Jordan – Jordan Source—a program implemented under the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship—recently hosted the latest iteration of its ICT Sector Meeting, where it gathered influential industry leaders, innovators, and executives in order to showcase its continuous commitment towards advancing and growing the information and communication technology sector in the Kingdom, with emphasis on enhancing the country's reputation as a top choice for IT and business process outsourcing.

The sector meeting was held on Monday, September 18, at The Space in Jabal Amman, where it received over 80 guests from various ICT institutions across Jordan and the region, including members of Jordan Source’s own directory of local and international partners. The meeting opened with welcoming remarks delivered by the Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, His Excellency Ahmad Hanandeh, followed by a presentation of the Jordan Source program’s latest accomplishments.

Jordan Source went on to announce the launch of its revolutionary new publication, JoSourceIT, which brings the latest developments in Jordan’s tech scene to readers' fingertips. The inaugural issue, titled ‘The Global Tech Takeover Issue’ offers a detailed perspective on the country's homegrown and overseas tech talents, as well as comprehensive content that includes extensive coverage of trending topics related to IT outsourcing, business process outsourcing, gaming, and the wider tech industry.

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship also unveiled its exciting, new mobile application, Jordan Changemakers. With an aim to elevate and empower Jordan’s ICT sector through a global network of tech ambassadors, the soft launch of the new app offers a glimpse into the immense Jordanian talent pool in tech around the world, promising to classify Jordan as world-class leaders in the ICT industry, and to inspire Jordanian tech innovators to take to the global stage. And, as always, to complement Jordan Source’s vision of positioning Jordan as the go-to ICT investment and outsourcing hub in the region.

Celebrating success after continued success, Jordan Source was also pleased to welcome two of its newest partner network members with plans to open offices in the Kingdom: Go My Code, a digital upskilling and reskilling training provider, and Alma Health, a specialist in providing healthcare solutions.

With over 100 partner organizations in 8 countries, Go My Code is responsible for establishing 40 physical hackerspaces where people can come together to learn, share, and build exciting new tech. In just 6 years, Go My Code has trained more than 30,000 students of tech in the Middle East and Africa, displaying their commitment to the education and enablement of a young, ambitious workforce.

Alma Health, experts in the world of healthcare service provision, with a vision to create a world in which chronic conditions do not need to complicate an individual’s life, Alma Health believes that managing health can be a simple and seamless experience.

The event concluded with a live questionnaire and open statements from the audience, followed by a networking break.

Commenting on the numerous achievements of the Jordan Source program, His Excellency Ahmad Hanandeh said, “We are very proud to continue our journey in bringing ICT investments into the country, with 2 new partners opening offices in Jordan this month,” he continued, highlighting the importance of the newly launched publication, “Not only will JoSourceIT help highlight the achievements of Jordanians in tech around the world, but it will also act as an important resource for potential investors looking to bolster their presence in the Middle East. And it will do this all while inspiring Jordanians to continue strengthening their position in the ICT sector.”

His Excellency Mr. Hanandeh also emphasized the importance of the simultaneous soft launch of the mobile application, Jordan Changemakers, “It is a space where Jordanian tech innovators around the world can gather and take control of the narrative of Jordan as a leader in tech, both regionally and worldwide, providing them with the right platform to discuss how they can help bring global-scale success to the ICT sector back home.”

Since its establishment, Jordan Source has made significant strides in multiple areas. Through the program, it has successfully cultivated partnerships with both local and international businesses, bolstered the local ICT ecosystem with attractive grant and incentive packages, attracted fresh ICT investments to the Kingdom, and actively participated in numerous regional and international industry events. These collective efforts have solidified the country's reputation as a leading destination for IT and business process outsourcing.


Jordan Source is a program that aims to promote Jordan as an ideal destination for investments and outsourcing in the ICT sector, providing a wealth of support services to international businesses and investors, while elevating Jordan’s wellspring of young ICT talent onto a global stage. Developed under the Youth, Technology, and Jobs (YTJ) project of the Jordanian Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, in line with the vision of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah II, Jordan Source seeks to connect businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs from across the globe with the resources they need to grow, thrive, and flourish—all while highlighting the Kingdom’s abundance of young professionals, its exceptional investment environment, and its world-class infrastructure and resources. For more information, visit