January 18th, brings Dubai to the first event dedicated to robotics technologies. The pilot edition of Roboday will join together robotic company pioneers and industry leaders based in the UAE and connect them with world experts within the same field. 

18 January the event is gathering the representatives of the robotics companies based in the UAE at Dubai Silicon Oasis, TechnoHub 1, DTEC — A5 Auditorium. The main purpose of the event is to discuss the advantages of growing robotization, the possibility of using robots in everyday life, and to connect robotics companies with world experts and UAE authorities. Roboday brings the opportunity to build communication between the different institutions that work in the robotics field. This time Roboday welcomes on stage speakers from Robosculptor, Elysium Ventures, Spacefarm, Creative Machine Learning Technologies, FIBBEE, T.Park IT, Z-Strategi & Co and others. 
This first edition is held by Robocouncil, which unites members of the companies working in the field of Hardware Robotics.
The keynote of the event is the introduction of the Hardware Robotics Council in the UAE a community where industry incumbents can collaborate, share their experiences, and attract new players into the industry. The Council and the community will make the industry more effective and competitive, more transparent for investors, and more visible for future generations of specialists. 
According to the UAE’s Ministry of Economics global robotics technology market size is valued at USD 62.75bn in 2019, and is projected to reach USD 189.36bn by 2027. It’s essential to discuss potential outcomes of the whole robotics industry and implementation of it in different niches, including the fitness and beauty industries. 

“Today the robotics industry becomes more and more promising, offering unique business opportunities to its early comers, it attracts lots of interest and brings new potential players onto the field, at the same time the UAE is becoming one of the global leaders in attracting investment as a startups hub and the robotics area as well. - says Denis Ledenkoff, CEO & co-founder at Robosculptor - “We are excited to bring Robosculptor to a dynamic market like the UAE which has gained a reputation as the region’s first mover in terms of adopting new technology”. 

Roboday with the full support of Robocouncil expects to host the initiative on a regular basis for the world’s top experts working on robotics technologies to share the resources and information among industry players. 
Robocouncil are members of companies working in the field of Hardware Robotics. We know first-hand that proper infrastructure is vital for HARDWARE and ROBOTICS companies as they operate in a different environment than technological SOFTWARE companies.

When it comes to robotics, access to engineering resources, high-precision and quality metal processing machinery, prototyping labs, venture resources, etc. is an absolute must. 
About companies:
Robosculptor is a company that provides a fully autonomous system that does an aesthetic robotic body solution consisting of a module structure, control screen and a treatment couch, a high-speed 3D scanner, and a robotic drive. Robosculptor founded in 2015 includes 3 stages of safety and complies with ISO 10218 and TS 15066 patient’s operated safety switch.
Robosculptor mission is to streamline the robotic technology that guarantees predictable results, safety and efficacy for professional body treatments.
Robosculptors is based in UAE (Dubai, UAE, PO Box 21495)