Dubai, UAE: Masafi, Enhance Ventures, Kent PLC and Joi Gifts, amongst other companies, will take part in the Wellbees Challenge across the United Arab Emirates. From March 1st to 21st, Wellbees, a new generation all-in-one business-to-business employee wellbeing platform, is launching a nation-wide corporate competition where employees will go head-to-head against other companies to find out who can take the most steps for a good cause.

Positive employee experience is increasingly important for companies looking to elevate the human experience for their employees, increase motivation, and improve satisfaction at work.

The three-week event will take place within the Wellbees app, where participants will receive access to the Wellbees platform, which provides a holistic approach to wellbeing and includes in-app counseling, wellbeing content, and much more.

Emma Davies, Chief Human Resources Officer at Masafi says: “At Masafi, we value our employees’ wellbeing and strive to make wellness approachable to all. We want to continue to nurture a culture of holistic wellbeing for all our employees and, through this initiative with Wellbees, we are able to engage the entire workforce and encourage them to adopt a healthy living style, not just physically, but also mentally, socially, and emotionally. We have experienced increased engagement and social connections amongst our employees when using the app, which is personalised to their needs. We are committed to keeping wellness at the forefront of our workforce engagement and are looking forward to being part of the Wellbees Challenge in March.”

Melis Abacıoğlu, founder of Wellbees says: “We believe in the power of social connection to help individuals and organisations make lasting changes. This challenge will give organisations the opportunity to tackle the different aspects of wellbeing in an all-in-one solution in order to elevate employee wellbeing and create teams that thrive. The needs of individuals vary all the time, and this is the reason we address all eight segments of wellbeing in the app: physical, spiritual, emotional, financial, social, environmental, intellectual, and occupational.”

Wellbeing is becoming a transformational driving force in business, society, and leadership. More workplaces now recognise the importance of mental, physical, social, and financial health support.  

According to a workforce survey in the US, UK, UAE and Turkey workforce conducted by Wellbees in partnership with PWC, 75.5% of UAE companies have focused on employee wellbeing as part of their social sustainability strategy, a much higher result compared to the global result which is 67.5%.

Flexible work opportunities came at the top, stated by 66% of respondents. With help of technology, 17% of companies have used wellbeing mobile applications, and this trend is on the rise. The survey looks at potential paths to having a more sustainable workforce, including employee well-being, skills development, and employee engagement.

Wellbees partners with companies to help revolutionise organisational and employee wellbeing in the UAE in a holistic way. The app adopts a unique, proven approach that combines the power of AI technology and human science.

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About the new age employee wellbeing platform, Wellbees:

Wellbees is a new age wellbeing mobile app that was developed for employees in B2B SaaS format. It provides holistic employee wellbeing. It is supported by the power of socialisation, it provides each employee with a personalised service. A Turkey-based global company that is active in 18 countries, Wellbees, provides expert support, special events catered for company culture, content that encompasses all 8 wellbeing topics and much more.

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