Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Bedia Art Gallery announces its opening in Al Khayat Avenue, Dubai’s new hub for visual arts, spearheading the city’s art and design industry. The art gallery and studio display work by abstract artist Kemal Yazici; UAE’s first Turkish gallery owner and artist. 

Born in Turkey and raised in Germany with an eclectic Balkan heritage, Kemal Yazici is a contemporary abstract artist bringing to life paintings inspired by the simplicity of geometrical and organic elements. 

His creative process includes using his bespoke tools to capture the reality of our dynamic world in his artworks featuring flowing textures and overlapping layers. The result is a captivating kaleidoscope of colors and dimensions inviting the viewer on a journey of self-introspection. 

Yazici explains that his art has been the result of the different experiences in his life, across cultures, countries and professions. His architectural background has instilled an appreciation for varied structures and textures. This has given rise to his style that is deeply personal and reflective of his history and heritage. 

He mainly works with oil and acrylic paints, expertly layering them upon a stretched canvas through his approach that requires great attention to detail. 

Creation has always been at the heart of Yazici’s life; shaping his identity and propelling him towards his artistic journey.  

Founder & Artist at Bedia Art Gallery, Kemal Yazici comments, “I’m honored to have the opportunity to represent the beauty of German and Turkish culture through my artworks. In recent years, UAE has cemented a firm reputation internationally as a recognized center for the arts under the guidance of His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Bedia Art Gallery aims to be a focal point in the future where arts and culture will be the major drivers of our economy.”

Bedia Art Gallery’s grand opening is a major step forward for contemporary art inspired by Germany and Turkey in the region. A minimalist space to foster connections and cultivate conversations amongst like-minded creatives, the gallery will chart a new direction for artistic creativity in the UAE. 

About Bedia Art Gallery 

Bedia Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery and studio located in Al Khayat Avenue, Al Quoz, Dubai. A cornerstone of Dubai’s thriving art scene and cultural landscape, the gallery celebrates creativity through the medium of abstract art. Founded in June 2022, by Kemal Yazici, a UAE-based abstract artist with a vision to bring art into the lives of the young minds for whom art remains financially inaccessible. 

Bedia Art Gallery is a minimalist space encompassing two floors. The gallery is home to astonishing work by the founder, Kemal Yazici and is the perfect backdrop to showcase his unique artwork made with heavy tools depicting powerful contrasts, textures, structures and colors. To know more, please visit 

About Kemal Yazici 

Kemal Yazici is a contemporary abstract artist who defines his art as an outcome of the varied experiences in his life as someone born in Turkey, from Germany and now living in the UAE. A creator at heart, Yazici is a true visionary in the Dubai art space.

His art style consists of using squeegees, spatulas, acrylic and metal tools while applying pressure coordinated techniques to produce paintings that allows the viewer to draw upon meanings based on their personal experiences. Guided by his unique artistic intuition, he layers bold colors and scrapes intricate details to transform a blank canvas into a work of art. 

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Media Spokesperson
Andrea Wubben