The Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) received a delegation from the Emirates Association of Accountants and Auditors (EAAA), intending to enhance cooperation, exchange experiences and information in the field of accounting and auditing, and explore opportunities to provide specialized services, as well as organizing workshops, training, and educational sessions for the Ajman Chamber's members from private sector establishments.

The delegation was received at the Ajman Center for Entrepreneurship, where Maryam Al Shehhi, Director of the Financial Resources Department, and Abdullah Abdul Mohsen Al Nuaimi, Acting Director of Government Communication, welcomed them. The Association's delegation included Abdullah Al Hasawi, the Executive Director, Kholoud Mohamed Al Mazmi, the Training Department official, and Mohannad Mohamed Al Hariri from the Association's Training Department.

Abdullah Al Nuaimi emphasized that the Ajman Chamber is seeking to build strategic partnerships with government and private entities to support the Ajman Chamber objectives, contribute to economic development, stimulate innovation and development, improve the business environment, support competitiveness opportunities, attract investments, and participate in achieving the visions and strategies of Ajman and the UAE.

He praised the prominent role played by the Association in developing the financial and accounting sector, emphasizing the importance of cooperation and partnership between Ajman Chamber and the Association, which will benefit all parties involved.

This meeting discussed a number of topics of mutual interest and explored opportunities to organize specialized workshops and training courses in both fields of accounting and auditing, in addition to exchanging information and experiences between the two parties to enhance the capabilities of the Ajman Chamber's relevant employees.

On his part, Abdullah Al Hasawi affirmed the Association's readiness to cooperate and provide all the capabilities and expertise to support the Ajman Chamber activities and contribute to the development of the financial and accounting sector.

He explained that the Association seeks to enhance professional competence in the fields of accounting and auditing, prepare professionals, develop their capabilities, qualify them, support innovation tools, use modern technology, and raise awareness about the importance of the role of accountants and auditors, as well as encourage government and private institutions to apply best practices.

On the sidelines of the meeting, the Emirates Association of Accountants and Auditors delegation toured the Ajman Center for Entrepreneurship, where Marwan Hareb Al Ariani, the Executive Director of the Ajman Center for Entrepreneurship, provided a detailed explanation of the Center's objectives and its role in providing a sustainable service platform that supports the business community in Ajman.