As part of the series of legal seminars aimed at enhancing the legal awareness of the business community in Ajman and supporting its growth and sustainability, the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) organized a legal seminar entitled "Value Added Tax" in cooperation with the Department of Finance in Ajman, to raise the awareness of companies and individuals about the value-added tax and how to apply it correctly and deal with it optimally in terms of registration, calculation, and other mechanisms of dealing.

This seminar was inaugurated by Hindi Obaid Al-Matrooshi, Acting Head of the Cases and Disputes Section at the Ajman Chamber, where he welcomed the attendees and explained the objectives of the seminar, emphasizing the Ajman Chamber continuous efforts to provide its members with the necessary knowledge to ensure the stability and growth of their businesses. This seminar was presented by Ahmed Awad Al-Sherbiny, a tax specialist from the Department of Finance, in the presence of a number of government employees, business owners, entrepreneurs, and legal professionals.

The seminar covered the following key topics: Definition of Value Added Tax (VAT), steps for registration and tax group, and supplies in the tax, place, date, and value of supply, exempt supplies, tax based on profit margin, tax invoice, recoverable input tax and settlement of output tax, and voluntary disclosure.

Aisha Al Nuaimi, the Acting Director of the Legal Affairs Department at the Ajman Chamber, emphasized that the "Value Added Tax" seminar is a valuable opportunity for companies and individuals to learn about the different aspects of value-added tax and how to deal with it effectively, which will benefit the economy and society in general.

She stated that the Ajman Chamber is seeking, during the current year, to implement a series of specialized legal seminars with the aim of enhancing legal awareness, facilitating business practices, and supporting the activities of the private sector in Ajman. Additionally, it aims to contribute to the development of skills and competencies for optimal legal dealings in order to protect commercial and industrial interests, and enable various sectors to keep up with laws and regulations.

This series of legal seminars aims to provide a sustainable platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences between companies, lawyers, and legal advisors, as well as to enhance communication and cooperation between the public and private sectors. This is expected to have a positive impact on the performance of the economic sector, attract investments, and support the security and sustainability of the business environment.

For his part, Khalifa Al Alili, Director of Government Budgets Department at the Ajman Department of Finance, pointed out that this seminar comes within the Department's efforts to enhance cooperation and joint work with various government entities to provide value-added services that strengthen the business environment and its competitiveness, and contribute to supporting economic growth and the sustainability of comprehensive development in Ajman. He noted that this seminar reflects the strategic partnership with the Ajman Chamber. He emphasized the importance of such seminars in spreading the tax culture in the UAE, which contributes to achieving the strategic objectives of its implementation.

In turn, Ahmed Al Sherbiny, a tax specialist at the Department, explained that the seminar contributed to educating representatives of the private sector and specialists on the fundamentals of the value-added tax system in the UAE, the optimal ways to comply with its legislation, and to understand the rules related to the supply of goods and services, the date of tax liability, how to calculate and pay it, calculate the recoverable tax, and report it correctly.