The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) was recently chosen in the final listing of the prestigious award for the top three Project Management Offices worldwide in 2023, presented by the Project Management Institute (PMI).  The Project Management Office team at ZATCA was honored in Atalanta, Georgia-USA during the annual Global Summit by PMI to highlight the most successful leaders in the industry around the world and the most important research papers that contribute to the career development of project management.

Selection Factors

More than 65 institutions have participated in the award, many of which were global companies and governmental entities. The award is granted of appreciation to the institutions that showcase highly organizational capabilities in project management, contribute effectively to the success of strategic initiatives, and build a vision that promotes values.

ZATCA’s project management office received this honor in culmination to all the distinguished roles by committing to the best practices and the highest quality standards in project managing, adopting great governance to the business’s ecosystem that contributes to the success of the innovative ZATCA initiatives at all levels and fields at the kingdom and achieving its vision of being a global model in protecting the country, managing zakat, tax and customs, facilitating trade and customer experience and lastly implementing its mission in the sustainability of national economy and prosperity of society effectively and efficiently.

Story of Success

This classification is a new international recognition of ZATCA’s commitment to implementing the best practices in the planning and managing projects industry, pursuing all proper methods in the improvement and follow-up accordingly to the best global standards.

The ZATCA’s project management office had a key role in developing the methodology of following-up, evaluating, and performance monitoring reports, which contribute to making the proper decisions, quickly dealing with different outcomes in project management, and adopting the PMI in effective management to ZATCA’s projects until they are finished at the due date successfully and sustainably.

ZATCA’s office also works on involving stakeholders by cooperating with ZATCA in their projects with different sectors and deputyships effectively to achieve all the goals and outcomes of every project and guarantee the achievement of all institutional goals according to the strategic objectives that ZATCA aims to work on.

Additionally, the office is keen on maintaining improvements and developments, while keeping a full list of all projects with their difficulties and all the lessons learned from them, which will further assist with better studying of situations and predicting all risks to then implement effective plans for addressing and avoiding them in the future. Furthermore, the ZATCA’s project management office is working on career education and job training for project managers and team members, while acquainting them with scientific methodology, learning from previous experiences, and lastly learning the mechanisms of effective communications to ensure the spread of knowledge between different team members to raise the bar of project success rates.

The ZATCA’s project management office also depends on the human factor by investing in training, improving, and empowering employees to obtain global professional certificates in project management to keep track of all recent developments, establishing appropriate knowledge with the best practical practices in the field, promoting the team’s spirit and boosting initiatives and affiliation.

Individual Awards

 A new achievement was added to ZATCA’s successes and its leadership and competitiveness of national cadres regionally and globally, Eng. Maher Aljohani, Director of Project Management Operations at ZATCA, received the PMI Rising Leader Award 2023. The award is granted annually from PMI to the youngest professional leader who was able to make a significant institutional effect in the project institutional department by having a sound understanding of global standards in project management and the best practices and ethics.

He also received the PMI Chapter Impact Leadership Award, which was granted to seven national professional leaders chosen by PMI amongst the most distinctive and influential project management offices around the world, for all the volunteering contributions, exceptional services, and immaculate achievements on the institution and local community level.

Golden Standard

 PMI is considered the most prominent entity in the project management field, it offers eight globally recognized certificates that shape the principle of knowledge and efficiency. One of which is the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certificate, which is considered the golden standard of project management. The PMI offers academic, research, and professional sources where more than 2.9 million specialists working all around the world have benefited from it.