• This new partnership targets the health conscious and the tech-loving consumers by gamifying health insurance, a region’s first.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Wellx, the region’s first wellness insurance platform, announced a new association with Fitbit, now a part of the Google family. The partnership will fuse wellbeing and insurance by embedding activity data into health insurance to create a more fun and engaging experience for Wellx insurance and Fitbit customers. Individuals and corporates in the UAE who buy a new health insurance plan for themselves or employees from Wellx will be incentivised to stay healthy throughout the year. 

Wellx plans to extend benefits such as offering a complimentary Fitbit with every policy and ability to earn cash rewards as fitness goals are achieved. The association will also allow Wellx to connect their platform with Fitbit through their open API and have access to activity data upon user consent; thereby enabling Wellx to gamify and foster healthy competition among users. Wellx platform will encourage users to set and complete health & fitness goals each month to enable them to unlock a variety of rewards including cashback, shopping vouchers, memberships at fitness centers, dining vouchers and a lot more.

“Our association with Fitbit will enable us to turn a traditional financial product into an engaging lifestyle product by gamifying the individual wellness journey. By incentivising our customers to care for themselves, and rewarding them financially, we expect to change the way customers perceive insurance. Our aim is to become their everyday health companions and remind them of the benefits of staying healthy.” Said Vaibhav Kashyap, Wellx.ai Co-Founder & CEO.

Since its launch in January 2022, Wellx has brought together an ecosystem of wellness focused services and products, with the singular goal of making insurance fun, engaging and impactful. Through educational wellness programs and initiatives, Wellx along with a range of global wearable partners, will incentivise and influence user behavior, helping their customers make healthier lifestyle choices. Individuals who achieve set steps, active minutes, sleep, and readiness goals will be eligible for cash back rewards through the Wellx insurance program.

“By associating with locally grown companies whose prime focus is health & wellbeing of people of UAE, we at Fitbit are supporting our bigger mission of helping everyone in the world become healthier. Through this association, Wellx customers will be able to get even the recently announced Fitbit smartwatches & trackers including Sense 2, Versa 4 and Inspire 3, that feature some most advanced wellness capabilities; these devices will enable users to have a holistic view of their health and wellness.” said David Amehame, Regional Sales Manager, Middle East & Africa, Fitbit at Google.

Fitbit’s health and wellbeing experience easily integrates into a wide variety of health interventions and wellbeing programs - including embedded health plan benefits, condition management point solutions, research studies and wellness programs - and helps to extend and enhance their impact by driving higher participation levels, increasing physical activity, and helping to improve weight loss and diabetes outcomes.

“At Wellx, we would like to encourage residents of UAE, to get on to an activity linked insurance program early in life and work on building healthy habits. We’re trying to help people understand insurance better and aiming to deliver an engaging experience which could help in changing the general perception around insurance plans being complicated and boring.” added Javed Akberali, Wellx.ai Co-Founder & Managing Director.

Nicola Maxwell, Head of Fitbit Health Solutions EMEA, concluded by stating “This association shows how Fitbit can help to support innovation in health tech in the region. Over the years, Fitbit has worked globally with leading health insurers to promote healthy behavior change and now we’re happy to collaborate with Wellx here in the UAE to support them on their journey to launch unique insurance plans that will provide lifestyle benefits when customers achieve their health and wellness targets - tracked by Fitbit devices.”

You can sign up for an insurance plan with Wellx digitally using any web browser or smartphone. To know more about a new insurance journey that just doesn’t focus on insurance, but also wellness, visit www.wellxai.com


About Wellx:

Founded in 2022 by Vaibhav Kashyap and Javed Akberali, Wellx is the region’s first-of-its-kind InsureTech platform that rewards individuals on the completion of health & lifestyle goals. The company uses cutting-edge data analytics tools to hyper personalize the wellness experience for individuals, families, and companies.

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