United Arab Emirates, Dubai: The University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Dubai (UE Dubai), one of Germany’s most renowned private universities and the first German University in UAE, proudly introduces a ground-breaking Master's programme in Data Science, aimed at transforming professionals into visionaries in today's data-driven world.

Launching its inaugural cohort in April 2024, the programme aligns with national initiatives such as the D33 economic agenda and the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence, empowering professionals with data insights, digital transformation, and innovation to achieve economic goals, lead in AI innovation, enhance competitiveness, and contribute to AI leadership and optimised governance.

Offering a dynamic learning environment, the program goes beyond data analysis and empowers students to be invaluable assets in any sector, placing a strong emphasis on fostering critical thinking and adaptability to address companies' challenges. The programme’s curriculum embraces a hands-on approach, integrating real-world cases to impart students with essential skills and tools for transforming data into actionable insights ensuring graduate’s success in the dynamic, data-driven landscape.

Professor Dr. AbuKhousa an esteemed Data Science expert at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Dubai and the instructor for this programme, is a visionary enterprise systems specialist, accomplished entrepreneur, and seasoned academic, bringing 20 years of expertise in the academic and business realms. Regarding the programme's launch, she commented: "I am thrilled to lead the introduction of the Master’s in Data Science at UE Dubai. With a comprehensive curriculum blending theory and practical experience, fostering exchange between the German and Dubai branches, we're not just preparing professionals for a data-driven future; we are creating visionaries and leaders. This programme is designed to empower professionals from diverse sectors, equipping them with advanced strategies to turn data into actionable insights. Our graduates don't just solve problems – they innovate and drive solutions, shaping the future in this data-driven world.”

Established two decades ago, the University of Europe for Applied Sciences is recognized for its academic excellence in business, technology, and design. It’s Dubai branch, strategically located at the World Trade Centre in the heart of the business district, has cultivated partnerships with international companies, fostering a hands-on approach for students in the Master's of Data Science program. This combination of theoretical and practical experience equips graduates with the knowledge and skills to create a transformative impact in data science applications across diverse industries. The program integrates real-world examples to identify and solve problems in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and environmental sciences. Graduates of the programme emerge as versatile professionals capable of making informed, evidence-based decisions in both their careers and personal lives. In an era increasingly dominated by data, the University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Dubai empowers professionals to take the lead.

Applications are now open for the University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Dubai, for more information, please visit  https://www.ue-germany.com/about-us/locations/dubai 


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About the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) and the University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Dubai (UE Dubai)

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) is a highly accredited German private university committed to academic excellence and global learning opportunities. With over 20 years of experience, UE offers a range of Bachelor's, Master's, dual Bachelor's, and MBA degree programmes in business, technology, data, sports, psychology and design. Currently, UE operates four campuses in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Iserlohn and Potsdam). UE serves more than 4,600 students, preparing them for success in today’s job market. UE was recently awarded the German Education Award 2023/2024, presented by the German Institute for Service Quality.

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Dubai (UE Dubai), the first German university to establish a campus in UAE, will welcome its students in April 2024. Strategically located in Dubai’s World Trade Centre and forming strong partnerships with international companies, UE Dubai offers a wide range of Bachelors and Master’s  programmes, including the UAE’s first-ever Master of Arts in Visual and Experience Design. Committed to offering the highest standards in higher education, UE Dubai provides exceptional learning opportunities and valuable connections to its students.

For more information please visit: www.ue-germany.com/about-us/locations/dubai