• Certification affirms that the world’s first B2B platform for surplus resource sharing offers a cost-effective, ethical, profitable and sustainable upcycling solution and positively contributes to the good of the environment, communities, and people

Dubai, UAE: UAE-based The Surpluss, the world's first B2B platform that allows all businesses to convert underutilised resources into revenue through its own proprietary framework and patented technology, recently earned the prestigious B Corp™ certification following a rigorous social and environmental impact evaluation, making it the first of its kind climate tech startup in the MENA region.

The highly sought after B Corp™ status, certified by B Lab™ – a third-party non-profit leading the global movement towards a sustainable, equitable, and regenerative economy – validates that a company has met an extremely high set of standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

Rana Hajirasouli, Founder and CEO of The Surpluss, said: “We are grateful and proud in equal measure for this ‘seal of approval’ after B Lab’s rigorous assessment. Realizing this milestone required incredible dedication from our entire team, who tirelessly reconfigured protocols and established new business processes to ensure we met the most stringent global standards.”

“Obtaining B Corp certification is a clear demonstration of our commitment to transparency and robust business standards while prioritizing social and environmental responsibility.”

Despite being an early-stage startup, The Surpluss dedicated itself to a year-long process of becoming a B Corp. This commitment underscores their deep-rooted belief in embedding purpose and impact directly into their business model, setting a powerful example for the broader business community to join the movement.

The Surpluss achieved a remarkable score of 86.7 on the B Impact Assessment, significantly exceeding the average company score of 50.9. This also highlights the organizations meaningful contributions to humanity by advancing sustainability and/or social justice.

Amidst mounting unease around the escalating effects of climate change, the world has also witnessed a rise in climate-conscious consumers. According to a 2023 report, roughly 56% of consumers surveyed agreed that they look at businesses that have received B Corp certification to decide which companies to buy from or work for.

The certification also informs industry stakeholders that the company conforms with ESG investment guidelines and reassures partners and potential investors that the company operates transparently and is a trustworthy investment.

These benefits explain why the number of certified B Corporations worldwide has climbed more than 30 percent year-over-year for the past two years, totaling 8,051 in 2023.

To ensure that The Surpluss continues to meet the high standards set by B Lab, the climate tech startup has turned to Mena Impact, a mission-driven consultancy, academy and think tank that empowers businesses and individuals to make a meaningful impact in the MENA region.

Mena Impact is committed to supporting the impact ecosystem in the MENA region and has been an ambassador of the B Corp movement, nurturing this community of responsible businesses. As guided by B Corp experts at Mena Impact, The Surpluss was led through the B Corp certification process. This guidance helped establish and operate an ethical, sustainable, and cost-effective company, demonstrating that profitable businesses can also be a force for good.

Nadine Zidani, founder of Mena Impact, said: “In the Middle East, the B Corp movement is just beginning. B Corp certification is globally recognized yet extremely demanding to obtain. We are committed to supporting the growth of the B Corp movement in the Arab World.”

“Collaborating with early-stage companies like The Surpluss and witnessing their efforts to shape an impact business model, is truly inspiring for businesses in the region.”

Since launching in 2022, The Surpluss has collected more than 1,500 SDGs, helped more than 500 companies generate additional revenue, through over 2,500 climate-positive synergies, while averting over 1 million kilograms of surplus resources from landfills.

The startup operates a sustainability platform that connects, mobilizes, and distributes excess resources and materials such as textiles, diesel fuel, and scrap metal, turning cost-centres such as warehouses and stored surplus into revenue streams by offering small business access to such products at affordable rates. This not only reduces waste sent to landfills, but also offsets carbon emissions spent in the manufacturing, supply, transport, and distribution of new products and resources.


Rana Hajirasouli, Founder and CEO of The Surpluss
Email: rana@thesurpluss.com
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Nadine Zidani, Founder and CEO of Mena Impact
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