Taker has announced the launch of Dook delivery application, which enables users to order food from their favorite restaurants at the same price as in the restaurant and without any additional fees. Dook addresses the problem of rising prices for items in delivery applications by providing services to restaurant owners at a low commission rate of only 5%. This allows the restaurant owners to provide all menu items to the customer at the restaurant's price and offer them various promotions and discounts that encourage the customer to order, which will ultimately result in increased profits for the restaurants.

"Dook is a continuation of Taker's successes in the restaurant sector. It’s a new solution launched by Taker that brings all restaurants together onto one platform," explained Abdullah Al-Saadi, the founder of Taker.

Dook aims to increase the market share of restaurants in the digital market by changing the concept of offers-based ordering to ordering from their favorite restaurant. By offering low commissions and many digital, marketing, and logistical services, the application helps restaurant owners achieve greater profits and focus on the quality of services provided, while enhancing the restaurants' digital presence and acquiring new customers.

“Dook aims to enable restaurants to reach new customer segments through a new and competitive sales channel," said Al-Saadi.

Customers can take advantage of the application's many features, including providing meals at the restaurant's price without additional fees, offering food ordering and delivery services, or food ordering and pickup from the branch. The application also provides various payment methods, including cash on delivery, and round-the-clock technical support for all restaurant customers, ensuring a convenient experience and fast delivery.

Dook is now available to customers on Google Play and App Store with a smooth and enjoyable ordering experience. Customers can easily choose their favorite items and customize their orders, track them, and choose from multiple payment methods, ensuring a convenient experience and fast delivery.

“Dook provides restaurants with technical, marketing, and logistical tools and solutions to maximize their marketing returns," added Al-Saadi.

Overall, Dook is an effective solution to the problem of rising prices for items in food delivery applications, contributing to many benefits for restaurant owners and customers. It is expected that Dook will be of great success in the digital market and potentially lead to a change in the approach of users to delivery applications in the future.