• THA Staffing facilitates job creation with recruitment drives across the main cities of Riyadh and Jeddah

Dubai, UAE: The leading staffing solutions providers in the region – THA Staffing, expands operations into Saudi Arabia’s vibrant entertainment sector to meet the mounting demand for event experts in the Kingdom. THA Staffing has deployed over 1,000 personnel across the Event Staffing and Event Experts verticals over a period of less than four months, and aims to double that number in the next six months.

With a team consisting of 35 staffing experts in UAE and KSA, THA Staffing will tap into the repository of KSA’s skilled talent with recruitment drives across major cities such as Riyadh and Jeddah in the coming months. The drives will ensure the selection of the right staff through thorough vetting and screening processes that will place the right talent for each client's requirements. 

KSA’s entertainment sector is experiencing a positive and robust growth in recent years attracting over 120 million visitors across the Kingdom since 2019, hosting more than 1,380 music events, and over 8,732 activities, entertainment events and live performances. Since establishing a presence in KSA, THA Staffing aims to facilitate staffing solutions for an array of exciting global events in Saudi Arabia, such as the Andy Warhol Exhibition 2023 and the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix 2023. 

Saudi Arabia boasts one the most diverse and largest landscapes in the region, allowing for a great environment to develop leisure destinations and host various events. Cities such as Riyadh and Diriyah see busy seasons in the cooler winter months while others like Jeddah witness a high influx in the summer months and throughout Ramadan. THA has thus already seen a rise in demand for Event Staffing personnel during the Holy Month of Ramadan this March, with experts coming predominantly from the UAE.

A market to watch, Saudi Arabia has rampantly initiated efforts to diversify its economy and bolster the culture, tourism and sports sectors in the Kingdom, shifting the focus to non-oil sectors. Leveraging its knowledge in the market, THA staffed past Saudi-based events, including renowned international events such as Noor Riyadh 2022, Neom Games 2022, Neom Games Competitors, MDL Beast Soundstorm, Red Sea Film Festival, Al Ula Projection Season, Leaders Production and the Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup Activation hosted in Riyadh. 

“The newly-launched Events Investment Fund (EIF) aims to fuel growth across the entertainment, leisure and hospitality sectors in KSA. The public bodies are doing a phenomenal job in positioning the Kingdom as a major business and leisure hub, and host of world class international exhibitions and events. As the market continues to boom, there is a high demand for collaboration between the UAE and the Kingdom to leverage the expertise residing in the UAE. At THA Staffing, we aim to amplify this demand and support the government’s vision to become a globally recognised leader in the entertainment and events sectors,” concludes Shams Moloo, Director of Strategy and Business Development at THA Staffing.

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About THA Staffing:

Established in 2015 in the United Arab Emirates by Yoann Coulon and Erika Lahssini, THA Staffing provides corporations with flexible and customised staffing solutions spanning four verticals: Event Staffing, Event Experts, Corporate Staffing and Hospitality. Leveraging the power of technology, THA Staffing offers clients the best quality service in the staffing sector and provides freelancers with a curated platform for growth.

Partly acquired by French Facility Solutions Expert, Armonia Group in 2020, THA Staffing puts forward top talent ensuring flexible and practical employment solutions for clients and freelancers, supporting business needs and overall growth. Since its inception, THA Staffing adapts a freelancer-centric business model and has grown its resource pool to over 5,000 staff accessible via a sleek and efficient online platform, Live Force that’s been tailored to its precise quality standards. THA Staffing follows a rigorous screening process to unite the strongest talent with the best-matched clients.

With customers ranging from event agencies to hotel and restaurant groups, THA Staffing has successfully delivered more than 1,800 projects and deployed over 25,000 personnel with a proven track record of a 98% customer retention rate. To respond to growing demand, THA Staffing looks to expand its footprint in the region, focusing on Saudi Arabia and Qatar, to create unprecedented value and opportunity for clients, partners and talent.

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