Dubai, UAE – Taqeef, a leading provider of cooling solutions in the region, urges UAE residents to set their ACs to 24°C for a minimum of one hour, or up to a day, to mark Earth Day on April 22nd. This small move could result in potential energy savings of over 10 million kWh per day for the UAE.

According to the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), temperatures between 24 and 25°C provide optimal thermal comfort and increasing the thermostat by just 1 degree Celsius can lead to energy savings of up to 5%, contributing to conscious efforts toward environmental preservation.

Recognizing this pressing need, Taqeef, has launched its "24 for 2024" campaign, an annual initiative designed to promote more conscious cooling practices among residents, encouraging them to reduce the environmental impact of their AC usage.

Tariq Al Ghussein, CEO of Taqeef said, “Air conditioning accounts for approximately one-fifth [1]1 of the total electricity consumed in buildings worldwide.  And as the world warms our reliance on AC to live comfortably, increases.  So in the UAE - a country that relies on cooling to live - it’s critical we all play a part in more mindful AC usage. Through this initiative, we aim to help residents understand that just a degree or two can have a huge impact and that 24°C is an ideal default temperature for daily cooling.”

The potential impact of this simple shift in the AC thermostat is significant. With the average population of the UAE estimated at over 9.5 million people, and an average AC usage of 10,000 kWh per person annually, the switch to 24°C could result in potential daily savings of approximately 10 million kWh per day.

To celebrate Earth Day, Taqeef is offering a special 24% discount on all AC units purchased on April 22nd through its online store: This exclusive offer encourages consumers to make the switch to energy-efficient cooling solutions and contribute to environmental conservation while enjoying significant savings.

Taqeef invites all residents to join in making a positive impact on the environment by participating in the campaign and learning more about conscious cooling practices.

About Taqeef  

Taqeef is the originator of desert cooling systems in the UAE and the Middle East’s leading air conditioning solutions provider. Since 1972, Taqeef has served the country’s evolving cooling needs with world-class technology, innovation and service. Taqeef is committed to driving responsible Air-Conditioning use and promoting environmental efficiency in the industry across the Middle East.