Abu Dhabi: Vitalls.AI launched at LEAP 2024 as the AI health companion to empower people and their health journey.      

Mr. Mehdi Bouchenak, Founder of Synexty, proudly announces the launch of Vitalls.AI, a groundbreaking solution aimed at transforming healthcare data accessibility, in partnership with DeepMinds. The announcement took place at LEAP 2024 in Riyadh (KSA), where industry leaders gathered to witness the unveiling of this innovative venture.

Vitalls.AI serves as a health companion, providing individuals with highly secured access to their complete health history anytime, anywhere. Users will no longer have to deal with scattered files, miscommunication, or lost records. With Vitalls.AI, accessing health data becomes seamless, empowering individuals to take control of their health journey enabling a true continuity of care." Our mission is to break down the barriers, unify records, and put users in control," says Mr. Mehdi Bouchenak "We believe that accessing your complete health information is a fundamental right, and Vitalls.AI is the solution to unleash that potential."

Dr. Abdenour Haddou, CTO of DeepMinds, emphasizes the importance of Vitalls.AI in simplifying healthcare data accessibility: "Vitalls.AI represents a significant step forward in leveraging technology and AI to empower individuals and improve healthcare outcomes. By securely centralizing records and putting users at the center, Vitalls.AI has the potential to transform the healthcare landscape."

A Partnership deal of US$ 500,000 was signed with DeepMinds, to build and launch Vitalls.AI highlighting the confidence in its mission and capacity to seamlessly ensure continuity and efficiency in healthcare services.

The inspiration for Vitalls.AI arose from Mr. Mehdi Bouchenak's personal experience while traveling, where he observed the challenges faced by individuals in getting continuity of care. In response to this practical problem, Mr. Bouchenak envisioned Vitalls.AI as the bridge linking individuals, their health data, and healthcare providers effortlessly across borders.     

About Vitalls.AI:

Vitalls.AI is a health companion platform designed to centralize records, ensure continuity, elevate data protection, and improve healthcare outcomes with AI. Developed by Synexty and backed by DeepMinds, Vitalls.AI aims to empower users to make informed decisions about their well-being and enhance overall the healthcare journey.