• stc Group installed more than 1,200 new 5G sites, over 1,900 wi-fi access points, and 3,000 indoor call sites for pilgrims in Mecca to connect with family and friends worldwide.

Mecca, Saudi Arabia:– In preparation of the Hajj season, stc Group is gearing up to offer a comprehensive suite of high-quality and innovative digital services to the millions of pilgrims flocking to the Holy City of Mecca.

In a historic move for the 2024 Hajj season, stc Group has transitioned all voice and call services in Mecca to the 4G network, enhancing all 3G networks after data indicated internet calling made up over 71% of phone call traffic during the season. The increased infrastructure for Hajj season is one of stc Group’s many commitments to providing cutting-edge communication technologies to improve the pilgrimage journey and deliver a seamless digital experience for visitors from around the world.

In addition to expanded 4G and 5G infrastructure, stc Group orchestrated a suite of innovative digital solutions for pilgrims to facilitate a smooth experience for visitors. The Group established a network to analyze call and data consumption that will support real-time management of network capabilities under increased demand. This includes more than 1,200 new 5G sites, over 1,900 wi-fi access points, and 3,000 indoor connectivity stations installed for pilgrims to connect with friends and family worldwide, which will all enhance stc Group network capacity for over 1 million Hajj pilgrims anticipated this season.

A critical part of Hajj season support from stc Group are the professionals dedicated to enriching the pilgrimage experience. A team of over 1,000 stc Group technicians are enabling the connectivity on-site and at control centers, including the management of an extensive fleet of emergency transport vehicles, which will be strategically placed across monitoring centers to ensure any critical response efforts are swift and secure. Advanced artificial intelligence and data analytics will deploy real-time alerts automatically while monitoring network performance, ensuring continuous high-quality and seamless connectivity.

Since the 2023 Hajj season, stc Group has reported exceptional progress in its service offering for pilgrims, including a 74% increase in international roaming capabilities for customers and a 66% surge in data usage by the end of the sixth day of Dhu al-Hijjah. Nearly half of the increased data capacity is provided by 5G networks, a key success of the stc Group digital services expansion for Hajj pilgrims.

The digital capabilities expanded for Hajj season by stc Group align with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s larger Vision 2030 goals, which aim to enrich the Hajj experience through superior communication and internet services. These efforts underscore stc Group’s role as a digital enabler supporting the digital transformation in the kingdom and beyond.


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