• WiredScore aims to help property owners and developers globally to choose the right smart-enabled assets for their facilities

London, UK:– WiredScore, the global digital connectivity certification agency, is adding Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Building to its Accredited Solutions. The accreditation will enable Schneider Electric to align its technology with SmartScore global certification guides, supporting businesses in meeting their modern smart building standards.

Supporting Smart Building standards globally

Smart buildings provide real-time data analytics which allow decision makers to make informed choices to improve the sustainability, efficiency and resiliency of buildings whilst also providing a better occupant experience. Currently, there is a lack of clarity on how the real estate industry can best integrate data and digital solutions to deliver sustainability targets and create smart, connected buildings.

WiredScore has launched its Accredited Solutions accreditation to support technology providers in demonstrating the value of smart digital solutions for the building sector. The standards aim to help businesses achieve their SmartScore targets in a time and cost-efficient manner.

EcoStruxure, the foundational technology backbone on which Schneider Electric solutions are built and delivered, has become one of the first to receive this accreditation from WiredScore. This seal of approval will demonstrate how the implementation of Schneider’s products, technologies and software can support future-ready smart buildings.

Forward-thinking leaders in the building sector

The accreditation will deliver globally recognised standards that better demonstrate the value of investments in smart technology for commercial buildings. Schneider’s solutions, such as Building Advisor and Resource Advisor, will enable user functionalities such as better air quality, optimised comfort, more precise energy reporting, e-mobility charging, and predictive maintenance. The announcement continues Schneider Electric’s work in delivering smart digital solutions that enable businesses to create smart, green, healthy spaces.

“We are excited to start this journey with WiredScore and for EcoStruxure to be one of the first Accredited Solutions launched. As we know, the built environment holds immense potential to digitally transform how we efficiently manage the consumption of energy and drive the reduction of carbon emissions on a global scale. This initiative is a great step forward in helping our clients understand the value their investment in digital technologies can deliver.” said Kas Mohammed, VP of Digital Energy at Schneider Electric.

“Partnerships and the sharing of knowledge are vital to reaching sustainability goals. We see that this first step is one of many in a rewarding journey that will enable WiredScore and Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure platform to illustrate how real estate and smart technologies can be linked and in doing so make a significant move towards carbon neutrality.”

Arie Barendrecht, the founder and CEO of WiredScore, states, “We are really excited to be launching our Accredited Solutions offering to the market, to build a bridge between real estate and technology, enabling landlords and the technology solutions that serve them to connect seamlessly.”

“Since launching SmartScore – our smart building certification – in 2021, we have noticed that ‘smart’ continues to be an opaque subject for the real estate industry. Many continue to seek guidance on how to implement smart buildings, what solution providers to work with, and even what ‘smart’ itself means. We are confident that our Accredited Solutions offering will help to demystify how to successfully deliver a smart building.” he concludes.

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