Cairo, Egypt: Roche Egypt, the leading global company in pharmaceuticals and diagnostic tests, announced the hosting of the second edition of the Roche Forum for Personalized Care in the Middle East next Friday, December 1, in Egypt's new administrative capital. This aligns with its longstanding commitment to enhancing the healthcare system in the Middle East, especially after the success of the first edition last year in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Personalized Healthcare Forum serves as a platform for presenting advanced solutions developed in collaboration with partners from across the region in the field of personalized healthcare. This year's edition will focus on personalized healthcare and precision medicine in oncology, real-world data (RWD), digital pathology, and other key topics in the medical field.

The forum's opening will be attended by Influential figures in the health sector, such as Dr. Hamdy Abdel Azim, Professor of Clinical Oncology at Cairo University and Dr. Hesham El-Ghazali,  Head of Presidential Initiative of Women's Health and Professor of Clinical Oncology at Ain Shams University, as well as Dr. Alexander Meszaros, Global Chief Diagnostic Strategy Executive from Switzerland, in addition to Dr. Mehlika Hazar Rethinam and Dr. Eliane Cortez, clinical genomics scientists, and foundation medicine experts from the United States and Australia.

The forum, spanning two days, will include participants from foreign countries such as Germany, Spain, and England, in addition to Arab countries like Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and others.

The opening session will feature Dr. Mohamed Swilam, the General Manager of Roche Pharmaceuticals, and Dr. Liliane Kanaan, the General Manager of Roche Diagnostics in Egypt, welcoming attendees and shedding light on Roche's vision for personalized healthcare and its impact on patient outcomes and societal costs.


About Roche

Roche is a global leader in pharmaceuticals and diagnostic procedures, founded in 1896 in Basel, Switzerland. Today, the company operates in more than 100 countries, including Egypt. Roche stands as the leading biotechnology company globally, dedicated to fostering scientific excellence within the pharmaceutical industry. Its focus spans a spectrum of domains, encompassing oncology, immunology, infectious diseases, ophthalmology, central nervous system disorders, as well as the advancement and formulation of diagnostic solutions, including laboratory and histological diagnostics tailored to cancer. This unwavering commitment aims to improve and save lives around the world.

Egypt is one of the most important strategic markets in the Middle East. According to the IQVIA report, for the fifth year in a row, Roche is the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in Egypt and one of the main enablers of the market.

Today, Roche seeks to supply increasingly innovative solutions to society at a lower cost, aiming for a range of 2-3 times less. Collaborating closely with different health authorities, including the Ministry of Health and Population, Roche is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of Egyptians across multiple levels. Roche Egypt's collaboration with the presidential initiatives stands as a key cornerstone in realizing a mutual aspiration: to ensure equal accessibility for patients to the highest level of international care standards, regardless of social status, and at a reduced societal expense.

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