Qatar Sports Investments, the Qatari sovereign wealth fund for promoting sport and founder of Premier Padel, together with the International Padel Federation, the global governing body of padel, and the Professional Padel Association representing the leading men’s professional players of padel, has agreed to talks with Damm, the owner of Setpoint Events and organiser of the World Padel Tour, on potential positive collaborations and outcomes within the sport of padel.

Under the governance of the International Padel Federation, padel is widely-regarded as the fastest growing sport in the world –notwithstanding the enormously competitive sports landscape. In light of the common missions of Premier Padel, the International Padel Federation and the Professional Padel Association to develop the sport to the next level globally, the parties have agreed to enter talks with Damm to explore possible collaborations and outcomes.

Further information will be provided, as applicable, in due course.



Premier Padel is the official professional padel tour governed by the International Padel Federation (FIP) and backed by the Professional Padel Association (PPA).

Launched in February 2022, Premier Padel will stage up to 10 tournaments globally in 2023, including four “Majors”. From 2024, Premier Padel will host up to 30 tournaments annually as the tour continues to grow the sport in new territories and in every dimension. As a global brand, Premier Padel also captures the dynamic essence and exciting spirit of padel, with the sport embarking on an exciting new dawn on a global scale driven by the new tour.