• ProUp's groundbreaking nutrition solutions are set to transform the health and wellness landscape in the Middle East.
  • ProUp's high-protein drink contains 20g of protein per 250ml, fulfilling 40% of the daily protein requirement.
  • ProUp's products are gluten-free, crafted without palm oil or sucrose, and have reduced sugar content.

The product range comprises 80% ovalbumin, rich in essential minerals and B vitamins, suitable for athletes and those intolerant to milk and lactose.

Dubai, UAE: Pro Up, renowned for its role as the epitome of Italian excellence in the health and wellness sector, is set to make waves at Dubai Gulfood 2024. With a groundbreaking array of premium nutritional supplements, Pro Up has become synonymous with uncompromising standards and top-tier ingredients. The brand's pioneering dairy-free protein drink, a trailblazer in the Italian market, delivers an impressive 20g of protein per 250ml bottle, crafted from natural egg white proteins with enticing flavours like Blueberry, Lime & Ginger. Pro Up's participation in Dubai Gulf Food 20 Gulfood 2024 highlights its commitment to industry excellence and innovation.

As a prominent player in the food industry, ProUp is gearing up for a significant presence at the upcoming Dubai Gulfood 2024, a premier international event that serves as a convergence point for key stakeholders in the global food sector. ProUp's participation underscores its dedication to providing comprehensive solutions that resonate with the diverse needs of the industry. The showcased product range includes advanced processing systems designed to enhance operational efficiency and maintain high-quality standards in food production, innovative packaging solutions prioritizing functionality and environmental responsibility, sustainability practices aligned with industry trends, and a selection of high-quality ingredients addressing evolving consumer preferences and dietary requirements. ProUp's presence at Dubai Gulfood 2024 signifies its commitment to providing accessible and impactful solutions to the industry.

"Gulfood provides a crucial stage for ProUp to showcase our innovative solutions and actively engage with industry leaders and peers. We are keen on fostering meaningful discussions that transcend market interests, focusing on product innovation and contributing to the ongoing global evolution of the protein sector. Our commitment to excellence and sustainable practices reflects a dedication that extends far beyond borders, underlining ProUp's dedication to shaping the future of the protein industry," said Mr. Federico Lionello, Director of Sales and Marketing. ProUp.

Gulfood 2024 is a unique opportunity to immerse in the ProUp experience and its commitment to redefining fitness nutrition. ProUp's entry into the Middle Eastern market highlights its dedication to superior nutrition and wellness. The brand's gluten-free, palm oil-free, sucrose-free, and low-sugar products are tailored for health-conscious individuals seeking quality and innovation. The distinctive formulation of ProUp's high-protein drink, enriched with ovalbumin and essential nutrients, positions it as an ideal choice for a diverse consumer base, including athletes and those with dietary restrictions. As ProUp ventures into this new market, the brand invites potential partners and fitness enthusiasts to join in embracing a future of healthier living. Experience the unparalleled distinction of ProUp's products at the Gulfood 2024 and join the journey of innovating nutrition in the Middle East.

Visit the ProUp, Sheikh Saeed Hall 1, Stand S1-C18 at the Dubai World Trade Centre during Gulfood 2024

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About ProUp

Pro Up stands as a beacon of Italian excellence in the health and wellness sector, offering a ground breaking range of premium nutritional supplements. Born from a commitment to excellence and a passion for enhancing individual well-being, Pro Up has become synonymous with uncompromising standards and high-quality ingredients. Our innovative dairy-free protein drink, a first in the Italian market, is crafted from natural egg white proteins, delivering 20g of protein per 250ml bottle and introducing tantalizing flavours like Blueberry and Lime & Ginger. Rooted in Italy's rich heritage of craftsmanship, Pro Up products reflect a dedication to quality and attention to detail. With exemplary standards, a customer-centric approach, and global recognition to well-being, Pro Up is not just a brand; it's a journey towards elevated health and vitality.

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