Abu Dhabi, UAE – In a big step to strengthen their healthcare expertise, ProvenMed® has welcomed Prof. Benatta Mahmoud, a well-respected Chief Urologist, to their Advisory Board. Prof. Mahmoud has had an impressive career in urology. With him on board, ProvenMed® aims to further their commitment to providing top-quality and innovative healthcare solutions.

Amine Staali, Co-Founder and CEO of ProvenMed®, expressed his enthusiasm about the appointment: "Having Prof. Mahmoud on our Advisory Board is an honor and a privilege. His extensive knowledge and unparalleled expertise in urology will provide us with invaluable insights. We're set on a path to redefine healthcare solutions, and Prof. Mahmoud's guidance will undoubtedly be instrumental."

Reflecting from his side, Prof. Mahmoud shared, "It's a pivotal time in the healthcare industry, with technology playing an increasingly critical role. I've always been driven by the mission to provide the best patient care possible. Collaborating with ProvenMed offers a unique platform to combine clinical expertise with innovative solutions."

Dr. Rabehi, CTO of ProvenMed®, added, "Technology in MedTech is evolving rapidly, but it's the integration of real-world clinical expertise that makes a difference. With Prof. Mahmoud's guidance, we're better positioned to navigate the complexities of the healthcare sector and deliver impactful solutions."

By bringing together Prof. Mahmoud's deep-rooted clinical expertise and ProvenMed's forward-thinking approach to healthcare, a promising synergy is created. Prof. Mahmoud, with his years of hands-on experience and knowledge in urology, offers a rich understanding of patient needs, the nuances of care, and the intricate challenges that healthcare professionals face. On the other hand, ProvenMed®, with its dedication to technological advancement and innovation, brings new-age solutions and methods to address these challenges.

About ProvenMed®

ProvenMed® is a medical device innovation company that is revolutionizing the urinary incontinence care industry with its patented solutions, ActivGo® for men and the Comfii™ system for women. These innovative solutions are the first urinary incontinence wearable devices of their kind, developed entirely from the patient's perspective. This approach ensures that they provide a comfortable, hygienic, and easy solution to help patients resume active lifestyles and regain confidence. ProvenMed® is committed to innovating medical devices through compassionate empathy, empowering individuals, and improving their quality of life.

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