Kuwait:  Ooredoo Kuwait has been honored by Nour Academy for Special Needs Services for its voluntary community engagement during Ramadan. The recognition was awarded at the Academy’s thirteenth annual ceremony, held at the Australian University in Kuwait. This event celebrated the Academy’s “Nour Al-Ensan” degree graduates, who served as trainees and teacher assistants during the 2023-2024 academic year.

The ceremony highlighted the achievements of these remarkable graduates with special needs, expressing deep gratitude for their efforts. During the ceremony, Nour Academy presented its award trophy to Ooredoo Kuwait, in appreciation of its volunteer employees who took part in the Gergean celebratory visit, spreading joy among the students, their families, and their supervisors.

This recognition underscores the vital role that companies and institutions play in supporting society. It also reflects the company’s dedication to charitable work and giving back to the community. Ramadan’s volunteer activities with Nour Academy embody the spirit of collaboration and social responsibility that Ooredoo strives to foster within its office culture.

Furthermore, Ooredoo Kuwait continues to adopt initiatives that promote social integration, diversity and inclusion, while continuing to support people with special needs in the most innovative ways - believing in their significant role in the community. Ooredoo’s efforts include various programs aimed at empowering individuals with special needs and offering them the necessary assistance to continue to thrive in society.

Ooredoo Kuwait remains committed to enhancing the quality of life for people with special needs and facilitating their integration into society. Through innovative technology and customized services, Ooredoo recognizes the unique abilities of individuals with special needs and is dedicated to providing a supportive environment that fosters their development and offers equal opportunities.

Nour Academy expressed its gratitude for Ooredoo Kuwait's attendance at the graduation ceremony and for its volunteers’ Gergean visit during Ramadan, which had a positive impact on the students and their families - looking forward to future collaborations with Ooredoo.

This recognition reflects Ooredoo Kuwait’s continued commitment to social responsibility and its efforts to raise awareness about people with special needs and improve public understanding of the importance of including them as effective contributors to social and economic development. Ooredoo Kuwait remains dedicated to supporting initiatives that empower diverse segments of society, participating in activities that strengthen community bonds and promote further inclusion, diversity and equality.