A new online platform launched this week and is set to become a vital resource for the legal community across the Middle East and North Africa. The Legal Leaders platform, powered by the region’s leading Law firm, Al Tamimi & Company will be the virtual destination that is committed to fostering more collaboration with a commitment to sharing unique regulatory and industry insights.

Across the region exclusive access will be given to members of the legal community, where they will unlock a unique on demand and live training portal, geared to enhance knowledge and upskill lawyers with the latest legal regulations from across the region. The platform will also be a resource that provides industry updates across all sectors, and legal advice from industry experts. In addition, the Legal Leaders platform will bring together and host captains of industry for regular round table conversations that will be available only on the new portal.

“The Legal Leaders platform is designed to be a professional resource, a tool that adds value, builds knowledge and understanding of the regional legal landscape. Said Samer Qudah, Managing Partner, Al Tamimi & Company.

“We created the Legal Leaders Platform to be a portal that brings together the legal community to share experience and expertise. It is a resource that will be rich in insights, however, we want the element of collaboration to be at the heart of how the legal community interacts with the platform. We want to evolve the regional legal landscape by sharing our unique experiences and expertise, and our platform will enable this and foster a collaborative ethos”. Concluded Qudah.

The Legal Leaders platform is inspired by the Legal Leaders Report of 2022, and just like its namesake it is tailored specifically for leaders in the legal industry. It is designed to create a centralised touchpoint to connect, update, build and maintain relationships between lawyers and key clients across all sectors in the Middle East and North Africa.