Dubai-UAE: Omnicell, a leading provider of healthcare Automation, has recently introduced two groundbreaking solutions to the Point-of-care medication healthcare landscape in the Middle East. The first of these innovations is MedXpert, a real-time dashboard that promises full data traceability to enhance clinical practices, streamline operational workflows and improve financial performance. MedXpert is a comprehensive service that combines cutting-edge digital tools with the essential expertise needed to unlock the true power of data.

With modules for reporting, electronic control drug management and click-and-collect functionality, MedXpert empowers the healthcare institutions with over 120 reports for optimized workflows, paper-free control drug management and streamlined nursing tasks.

“In alignment with Fakeeh University Hospital's mission and values, the integration of MedXpert underscores a commitment to innovation, excellence in healthcare outcomes and patient-centric care.

MedXpert has the capability to optimize workflows, increase operational efficiency and elevate decision-making by leveraging data analytics and providing real-time information access. This translates into patients experiencing timely access to medications and heightened medication safety, fostering an overall positive and efficient healthcare experience.” Dr. Mohamed Magoury – Pharmacy Director at Fakeeh University Hospital

Additionally, Omnicell is transforming the healthcare landscape in the Middle East with the introduction of the AMiS-Pro Smart Cart. This smart cart ensures safer medication administration with individual patient bins, eliminating mixing errors and providing transparent closed-loop recording. It also streamlines medication ordering and management, allowing healthcare professionals in the Middle East to request and collect patient medications.

When combined with Omnicell XT ADCs, the smart cart enables closed-loop medication administration at the patient's bedside, enhancing patient care and ensuring medication accuracy. These innovations from Omnicell are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare in the Middle East by improving operational efficiency, enhancing patient safety, and ultimately delivering better patient care.

“For the past 30 years, Omnicell has been partnering with healthcare professionals and pharmacists to provide the latest and the greatest when it comes to medication management through automation. This year specifically we are proud to launch our new digital platform which is MedXpert and securing the last 50ft of medication management with our new AMiS-Pro Smart Cart.” Salim Hammoud, Commercial Director Middle East.

As part of its long-term partnership strategy, Omnicell has established a Regional Headquarter in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). This milestone marks a significant step forward in the commitment to enhance Omnicell presence and engagement within the region. By securing the RHQ in Riyadh, Omnicell aim to strengthen their operational capabilities, deepen their relationships with local stakeholders, and better serve the needs of their customers and partners.