Muscat: Omantel announced yesterday a national initiative to empower various media professionals in the field of artificial intelligence. The initiative aims to support media professionals in developing media content.

The announcement took place on the sidelines of Omantel's Annual "Media Iftar" on Monday evening, attended by Talal Al Mamari, CEO of Omantel, several senior Omantel officials, alongside representatives of various media outlets, economists, and social media influencers.

The initiative, to be conducted by Omantel in collaboration with the Omantel Academy, will mark a significant step forward for media professionals in Oman. By empowering media professionals with AI skills and techniques, the initiative aims to enhance their content development capabilities and leverage emerging technologies in their roles.

Muna Al Mamari, Digital Press and Media Manager at Omantel, rightly acknowledges the major technological transformations taking place globally and their impact on various sectors, including the media industry, “Artificial intelligence has been at the forefront of recent technological developments, and we recognize the importance of staying abreast of these advancements” she commented.

By introducing this training initiative, Omantel aims to equip media professionals with the essential skills and technologies of the digital age. This effort aligns with Omantel's broader strategy of transitioning from a telecom operator to a technology provider, while also supporting the objectives of the National Program for the Digital Economy in Oman.

The training program will be conducted by experts from Omantel Academy, and it has several objectives including refining the technical skills of media professionals, familiarizing them with the latest tools and technologies, simplifying their work processes, fostering creativity, and ultimately enhancing productivity. By empowering media professionals with AI knowledge, they will be better equipped to embrace digital transformation and contribute to the evolving media landscape.

It is noteworthy that this initiative is one of the projects of the Omantel Academy. More details about this initiative will be announced during the planned official inauguration of the Academy, which aims to provide high-level dedicated training.


For more information, please contact:
Muna Al Maamari
Manager of Digital Press and Media