Dubai, UAE: - OBELAS, the pioneering education technology (Ed-Tech) company revolutionizing the education landscape, unveiled its innovative suite of solutions at a prestigious launch event held at the Armani Hotel in Dubai on February 29th, 2024.

The OBELAS launch event at the Armani Hotel in Dubai showcased a monumental occasion, bringing together leaders and educators from across the globe to witness the unveiling of OBELAS' groundbreaking educational solutions.

As the world’s first Ed-Tech company to seamlessly integrate US/English Language Teaching (ELT) content with cutting-edge Educational Technology solutions, OBELAS is poised to redefine the Middle East’s education sector for the digital age. The platform offers unparalleled access to a wealth of educational resources, empowering students, educators and parents alike to embark on a journey of lifelong learning.

Driven by the vision to be a catalyst for educational transformation and innovation, OBELAS endeavors to replace conformity with creativity, fostering critical thinking and equipping students to become agents of positive change in the world. With an ethos focused on rewriting the educational narrative, OBELAS seeks to develop and drive innovation in the region’s education sector by leveraging new technologies, methodologies, and practices to enhance learning outcomes.

The Ed-Tech company’s team of educational experts has designed user-friendly and interactive resources that promise engaging and effective learning experiences based on OBELAS’ core pillars of adaptability, creativity, and innovation.

OBELAS EdTech encompasses interconnected platforms boasting a myriad of innovative solutions and a diverse array of engaging tools and resources. Furthermore, OBELAS Publishing serves as a leading pathway to discover a world of knowledge through a rich collection of high-quality publications and resources.

“At OBELAS, we are committed to transforming the Middle East’s education landscape with a suite of innovative solutions. As we launch OBELAS in the UAE, we aim to empower educators and students with transformative educational resources that augment learning outcomes across the region. OBELAS is here to inspire, empower, and lead the way in educational excellence by setting the stage for a future where every learner can achieve their full potential,” said Anas AlMulla, CEO of OBELAS.

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OBELAS is the first worldwide Ed-Tech company to combine US/English Language Teaching (ELT) content and educational technology solutions. Guided by the principles of Innovation, Empowerment, Efficiency, and Reliability, it offers educators and schools across the world a comprehensive suite of interactive educational tools and resources.

OBELAS innovatively combines suite of US K-12 and English Language Teaching (ELT) content with innovative Educational Technology solutions. Dedicated to transforming learning outcomes, OBELAS offers engaging educational tools and resources such as OBELAS EdTech and OBELAS Publishing that enhances learning experiences for students globally.

The U.S. founded company made its Middle East debut in February 2024 with a commitment to unleash curiosity and foster diversity in the region’s education sector. The Ed-Tech company stands at the forefront of educational innovation, empowering educators and students with adaptive, creative, and effective learning solutions.

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