Darweesh: This prestigious award is a testament to our dedication to providing our employees with exceptional training opportunities that align with global standards

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) received the coveted Brandon Hall Group Bronze Medal for its excellence in the "Best Advance in Compliance Training" category, acknowledging its outstanding training and development programs.

Brandon Hall Group employed an extensive set of criteria to select the winners of the 2023 Excellence Awards. These criteria were developed based on an assessment of the success of the compliance training in satisfying learning objectives and aligning with the business environment. They also examined whether the program's design was rooted in a well-defined business goal and effectively supported compliance objectives. Furthermore, they ensured that compliance training positively influenced both organizational goals and learning outcomes and that the program produced quantifiable benefits and outcomes. Finally, these criteria sought to establish if the overall compliance training program positively impacted both learners and the organization.

Brandon Hall Group is a prominent global research organization headquartered in the United States. For over 21 years, the company has been dedicated to recognizing exceptional initiatives and best practices in various areas, including education, leadership development, the promotion of diversity and inclusion, and numerous other aspects related to human resources.

The Brandon Hall Awards for Excellence in Human Resources Management were initiated over two decades ago and remain a pioneering recognition program in education and development. These awards consistently draw participation from companies spanning various industries and regions worldwide, including government entities, private businesses, joint ventures, and non-profit organizations. Their enduring prestige and widespread recognition underscore their profound importance and esteemed reputation on the global stage.

Commenting on this significant win, Ahmad Darweesh, Head of learning and Development  expressed his delight: "We are thrilled to accept this prestigious award, which serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to offering NBK employees top-tier training and development opportunities that align with global standards."

Darweesh emphasized that the compliance training program stands as a crucial initiative in collaboration with IQUAD our digital leaning partner, tailored to meet the training requirements of employees and facilitate their comprehension and adherence to the bank's policies and procedures, as well as relevant laws and regulations. He pointed out that the program's training content is engaging, interactive, and extensive, incorporating various teaching approaches such as videos, simulations, and assessments. These methods ensure a more comprehensive understanding and practical application of compliance requirements.

"The Human Resource Group, in partnership with its training division represented by the Training and Development Department, maintains a strong commitment to enhancing the competence of the bank's personnel in Kuwait and at its overseas branches. This commitment is achieved through a holistic and ongoing improvement of the training programs and systems." Darweesh added.

Darweesh also highlighted that the Training and Development Department continually adapts its initiatives by recognizing the evolving requirements of the group's workforce. This includes introducing new educational opportunities to foster an open work culture and cultivating an environment that inspires employees to innovate and unleash their creativity.

"The Training and Development Department offers an advanced training process accessible to all employees, regardless of location or job title. Our educational platform, Hub NBK Learning, provides a wide range of learning content spanning various behavioral and managerial topics. One key advantage of this platform is that it allows managers to directly observe the learning process and access the learning dashboard for their respective teams. Additionally, we provide supplementary training materials to assist managers in supporting their employees' learning journeys." Darweesh explained.

"NBK is consistently seeking inventive methods to streamline learning and improve its accessibility to benefit employees, all while placing a significant emphasis on the practical implementation of the acquired knowledge," Darweesh confirmed. Furthermore, he elaborated that NBK has cultivated exclusive training programs through collaborations with prestigious universities and institutions worldwide over the years. This strategic partnership ensures the delivery of exceptional, top-quality training tailored to meet the diverse needs of employees across various functional levels within the NBK Group.