• Our collaboration with KRCS aims to extend relief to those in need, with a particular focus on the Palestinian population
  • Directly impacting 20,000 individuals in Gaza Strip through surgical interventions and medication provisions
  • Our sponsorship of training sessions serves to strengthen humanitarian endeavors both within and beyond Kuwait's borders


  • The initiative spans a duration of six months and incorporates regular field visits to monitor its progress, along with monthly reports to track its performance
  • Its primary objectives are to address the critical shortage within the medical sector and prevent the total collapse of the healthcare system in the region

Over a period of five days, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) sponsored and hosted specialized medical training courses conducted by UK-based charity David Nott Foundation, in collaboration with Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS). The courses involved the participation of 37 Kuwaiti doctors and trainees specializing in general surgery and anesthesia. These medical professionals were trained to offer assistance in crisis situations resulting from wars and natural disasters. A selected group will be dispatched to the Gaza Strip to provide medical support to the injured Palestinian population.

At the conclusion of the training courses, Mr. Isam Al-Sager, Vice Chairman and Group CEO of NBK, welcomed the medical personnel. Also present were Dr. Hilal Al-Sayer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS), Palestinian Ambassador to Kuwait Rami Tahboub and representatives from UK-based David Knott Foundation Medical Director Dr Ammar Darwish and representatives from British Embassy Kuwait.

Strategic Partnership

In his speech, Al-Sager extended a warm welcome to the attendees, conveying NBK’s delight in partnering with Kuwait Red Crescent Society and David Nott Foundation. This collaboration underscores the bank's commitment to its strategic partnership with KRCS, aimed at bolstering humanitarian endeavors both within and beyond Kuwait’s boarders.

He elaborated on NBK’s commitment to extending aid to the people in Gaza Strip, aiming to bolster their resilience in the wake of Israeli aggression. The bank's sponsorship of the collaboration between KRCS and David Knott Foundation underscores this commitment. The partnership entails providing training for doctors operating in conflict and disaster zones. The bank hosted these specialized training courses for five days, from April 13 to 17, accommodating doctors and trainees from Kuwaiti medical professionals, specializing in general surgery and anesthesia.

Surgical Procedures

Al-Sager announced that a group of the trained local professionals will be dispatched to Gaza Strip, offering medical assistance to the injured individuals of the Palestinian community. They will conduct vital surgical procedures and administer treatments and medications to those impacted by the continuous Israeli airstrikes on Gaza Strip.

Pride & Gratification

"We, at NBK, are deeply honored to extend our support to KRCS's initiative aimed at performing surgical procedures and delivering essential healthcare services to Gaza Strip. This project, led by specialized medical personnel from Kuwait, is projected to directly benefit approximately 20,000 individuals in Gaza. It addresses the urgent medical and therapeutic needs of the injured and affected, while also prioritizing the critical deficit in the healthcare infrastructure of Gaza Strip. Our collaboration with humanitarian organizations endeavors to prevent the imminent collapse of the healthcare system in Gaza,” Al-Sager commented.

Familiar Territory

Al-Sager highlighted that NBK’s sponsorship of the collaboration between KRCS and David Knott Foundation isn't the bank's first initiative toward aiding the people of Gaza during their ongoing crisis. He noted that the bank had previously contributed US$5 million in October 2023 to support relief efforts. Additionally, the bank donated mobile medical clinics, fully equipped with medical equipment and devices, through KRCS to support Gaza.

Al-Sager emphasized that the bank, in collaboration with KRCS, remains steadfast in its commitment to providing assistance to those in need, particularly the Palestinian population. This commitment stems from its dedication to humanitarian and social causes, aligning with Kuwait's policy of aiding nations requiring support and championing Arab and Islamic causes, notably the Palestinian cause.

He highlighted that NBK’s initiatives and backing for humanitarian and relief endeavors epitomize its commitment to social responsibility, a principle it diligently upholds not only within Kuwait but also across the Arab world.

Thanks & Appreciation

In conclusion, Al-Sager expressed heartfelt gratitude to KRCS and David Knott Foundation for their dedicated efforts. He also expressed hope that their collaboration would successfully achieve its objectives of alleviating the health impacts on Gaza. He also voiced optimism that such initiatives would help prevent the collapse of the healthcare system in Gaza Strip and mitigate the effects of the humanitarian crisis faced by our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

Leading Organization

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kuwait Red Crescent Society, Dr. Hilal Al-Sayer, expressed gratitude for NBK’s sponsorship and hosting of the training courses organized by KRCS in collaboration with David Knott Foundation. He remarked, "This exemplifies what we have come to expect from a leading organization like NBK, in extending its generosity to execute humanitarian projects aimed at alleviating the suffering of those in need."

He highlighted that this collaboration is part of the strategic partnership between NBK and KRCS. Through this partnership, the bank extends support to numerous charitable and humanitarian initiatives both domestically and internationally.

Moreover, Al-Sayer expressed his delight in the successful accomplishment of the training courses, fulfilling their intended objective of enhancing the skills of several Kuwaiti surgeons and anesthesiologists to deliver vital medical assistance in regions impacted by conflicts and natural disasters. He highlighted that a portion of these skilled professionals will be dispatched to Gaza Strip to provide essential medical aid to the injured and wounded members of the Palestinian community.

Recipients and Project Initiatives

He indicated that the project to conduct surgical operations and provide medical treatments in Gaza Strip will directly benefit 20,000 individuals wounded by the Israeli airstrikes, with an indirect impact on all residents living in Gaza Strip. The project spans six months and entails several activities, including conducting a comprehensive field survey to accurately assess needs and identify recipients, with a focus on those most vulnerable to death or complications among the injured. Other activities involve obtaining necessary permits, coordinating with relevant authorities, supplying medical personnel and equipment, conducting essential surgeries, and providing advanced training courses for the medical team by David Knott Foundation, facilitated in collaboration with NBK. Additionally, the project includes ongoing follow-up activities, field assessment, and media records to document its progress.

Al-Sayer concluded his speech by emphasizing that KRCS stands as a national foundation committed to consistently offering humanitarian and relief aid to those in need, demonstrating unwavering dedication to supporting afflicted and affected populations.

Specialized Training

Meanwhile, Mr. Dr Ammar Darwish from David Nott Foundation expressed his satisfaction in collaborating with KRCS to provide specialized training to a cohort of Kuwaiti general surgeons and anesthesiologists. He extended gratitude to NBK for sponsoring and hosting these specialized training sessions.

Skill Development

He emphasized that David Knott Charitable Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting and enhancing the skills of medical teams delivering urgent aid to the injured and affected individuals amidst the ongoing events in Gaza. He noted that since 2015, the foundation, specializing in training doctors operating in conflict zones and areas struck by natural disasters, has consistently provided training courses to national teams across various countries. These courses aim to elevate their abilities to deliver essential medical care in regions impacted by wars and calamities.