National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) concluded the first session of its Summer Internship Program, which hosted 30 high school students, between the age of 14 and 18 years.

The Summer Internship Program is made up of four different sessions, with a total of 120 trainees, which are held during summer vacations with the aim of familiarizing students with the work nature in NBK’s departments and branches, as well as the mechanisms of the banking business, through on-site training visits to the bank’s different departments.

The first session of this year’s program offered condensed training provided by Creative Confidence, including training students on creative thinking methods, problem solving, promoting cooperation, as well as training on advanced modern scientific tools that help minimize work and follow-up cycle, as well as allow less time-consuming and better-organized work.

In addition, the session included providing tips and guidance to students in relation to the banking awareness program “Let’s Be Aware” to raise awareness of how to combat financial crimes and maintain the confidentiality and security of information. It also included organizing a trip outside the scope of work to broaden trainees’ knowledge and allow them get an up-close look at other institutions and how they work. This trip was to the “Air Ambulance” in cooperation with the Medical Emergency Department of the Ministry of Health.

The participants were provided with theoretical and practical skills through workshops for 5 hours a day over a period of two weeks, which focused on familiarizing the trainees with many topics, including: teamwork, creative thinking methods, the best ways for self-expression, the methods of dealing with customers, in addition to the service quality concept.

This program aims to encourage students to receive training and engage in banking experience during their summer vacation, which comes in line with NBK’s commitment towards the youth and supporting them to navigate their way towards an active role in the future.

It is worth mentioning that the second session of the summer internship program started on 17th of July and will continue until 28th of July. The session will provide trainees with on-site training visits, as per the approved program for this year.

Organizing the annual summer internship program comes as part of NBK’s commitment to its CSR and in continuation of the remarkable success achieved by this program over the past years. It aims to spread the benefit and accommodate more male and female students from those wishing to join the NBK Summer Internship Program and benefit from the professional experience offered in its sessions.