As part of its strategic partnership with the oil sector institutions, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) organized an intensive training program and a series of workshops for the employees of Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC), targeting leadership and innovation themes, in cooperation with Foreign Corporate, Oil and Trade Finance Group.

Successfully conducted the Leadership & Innovation workshops for KNPC Senior-Level Employees as part of the Kuwait Oil Sector Talent Management Program – 3rd Cycle.

The program titled “Kuwait Oil Sector Talent Management Program”, was held in 3 batches from mid-January to February 9, with 65 trainees, and focused on a number of key topics including leadership and vision as well as incentives for creativity and innovation. In addition, it provided the trainees with access to “NBK Learning Hub” for one month, which is full of extensive training offerings, including personal skills development courses, as well as specialized programs in creativity and innovation, and decision-making and entrepreneurship skills.

The multiple workshops held for participants also included site visits to the Weyay Bank offices and well as NBK Group Digital Office.

On this occasion, Mr. Emad Al-Ablani, GM – Group Human Resources at National Bank of Kuwait said: “At NBK, we are always seeking to strengthen our leading position as the largest private sector institution delivering in its CSR commitments. This is done through a wide range of initiatives including training national talent working in different government entities, especially the oil sector institutions, which contributes to developing human capital and supporting the Kuwaiti economy.”

“NBK has developed a unique training program aimed at familiarizing oil sector corporations with the bank’s leading experience in innovation and digital transformation, in addition to getting closely acquainted with the concept of leadership and vision, and taking a comprehensive look at NBK’s corporate culture promoting innovation and creativity,” he added.

Al-Ablani noted that NBK provided KNPC trainees with the opportunity to benefit from the unique training content on the NBK E-Learning Hub, which represents a totally revolutionary tech-based training platform making E-Learning more engaging and effective.

On his part, Mr. Pradeep Handa, GM – Foreign Corporate, Oil and Trade Finance Group at National Bank of Kuwait said: “We have a long-term partnership for decades with Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) and its subsidiaries in Kuwait. Moreover, NBK stands out by having a dedicated unit staffed with a highly experienced and integrated team to provide top-notch banking services for this vital sector.”

Handa expressed his pleasure with organizing this training program for KNPC employees, noting that NBK has an unwavering commitment towards the oil and gas sector and is always seeking to provide consistent support to this strategic sector.

NBK’s training initiatives reflect its profound vision for investing in the human capital. To this end, the bank engages a group of the most reputable banking experts who transfer their expertise to the emerging talent. This comes in line with the bank’s firm policy to deliver its CSR commitments, reflecting its belief in the powerful impact of these programs in serving the society and people, as well as demonstrating its prominent contributions in this field over long decades.