Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia has awarded one of the Kingdom’s first public-private partnerships (PPP) in the healthcare sector to Altakassusi Alliance Medical following an open tender. The IFC supported project will help deliver better radiology and imaging services to more than one million beneficiaries across seven hospitals. It will also offer the country’s first truly collaborative network to support staff across each of the hospitals, which will greatly enhance the quality of care provided in more remote parts of the Kingdom. 

Altakassusi Alliance Medical, a leader in regional diagnostic imaging, is a joint venture between Alliance Medical Group, Europe's leading independent provider of imaging services; Nexus Gulf Healthcare; and King Faisal Specialist Hospital International Holding.

Altakassusi Alliance Medical will work with more than 450 staff and will be responsible for managing patient services in the hospitals’ respective radiology and nuclear medicine departments. Through Altakassusi Alliance Medical’s 10-year capital investment plan, the PPP will improve the quality and efficiency of medical imaging services by introducing new information and technology capabilities, while helping to maintain or replace vital equipment when required. In addition, healthcare workers will be given training and development opportunities to hone their skills in line with global best practices.

The Ministry of Health described how this project which was tendered in cooperation with NCP will extend for 10 years aiming to increase the capacity of beneficiaries to 1,500,000 in Riyadh and its remote surrounding areas.  All treatments and radiology services will be provided free of charge and comply with the highest international standards in addition to increasing quality of treatment and service this venture aims at reducing wait time for patients by enhancing and maintaining all radiology units in the seven hospitals as well as invest in new ones.

The Ministry of Health also indicated that the concessionaire company will equip the seven departments with all needs, and carry out maintenance operations throughout the contract period and partnership with the Ministry of Health.

“Saudi Arabia has been actively improving healthcare by creating opportunities for the private sector aimed at creating value for patients. Altakassusi Alliance Medical is dedicated to the success of this partnership and will look to combine the best in human capital, cutting-edge innovation and state of the art information technology, supported by a dedicated command control center to deliver quality diagnostics care for citizens and residents of the Kingdom alike,” said Nart Mamser, General Manager at Altakassusi Alliance Medical.

PPPs in Saudi Arabia have been gaining traction in recent years and are viewed as a direct enabler of the country’s Vision 2030 strategy, which aims to unlock private investment across key sectors. The project will serve as a pilot for the rollout of similar PPPs nationwide.

"Access to affordable, quality healthcare is a fundamental right. PPPs have a proven track record as an efficient mechanism for countries to improve the delivery of these essential services and transform lives by engaging the private sector. We are delighted to have acted as the Lead Transaction Advisor to structure this pilot radiology project which aims to improve healthcare in Saudi Arabia for over one million patients and has the potential to be replicated and have even greater reach,” said Muneer Ferozie, IFC’s Regional Manager and Head, Transaction Advisory PPPs, Middle East, Central Asia, Türkiye, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

The hospitals that will benefit from the PPP are as follows:

  • King Fahad Medical City
  • Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Hospital
  • Al Dawadmi General Hospital
  • Al Zulfi General Hospital
  • King Khaled Hospital-Al-Majmaah
  • Al Yamamah Hospital
  • Al Artawiyah General Hospital


About Altakassusi Alliance Medical:

Altakassusi Alliance Medical is a KSA-based joint venture between Alliance Medical Group, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center and Nexus Gulf Healthcare. The alliance aims to build and operate a leading diagnostic imaging network to address the growing need for high quality, accessible and cost-efficient imaging diagnostic services in Saudi Arabia and beyond. This goal is closely aligned with Vision 2030, which envisions creating a comprehensive, effective, and digitally integrated healthcare network as part of its plan to transform the sector.

Through its winning combination of unrivaled expertise and world-class partnerships, Altakassusi Alliance Medical is committed to driving the development of state-of-the-art care for patients, and as such, its services include molecular imaging, routine imaging, tele-radiology, cyclotrons + isotope manufacturing and information systems.

For more information, please visit: altakassusi-alliance.com, LinkedIn

Press contact:
Asaad Masri
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