Surgeons at Saudi German Hospital Dammam successfully removed the thyroid gland of a 28-year-old woman, which had extended into her neck and upper chest. This intricate procedure, conducted with precision and care, marks a significant milestone in the hospital’s commitment to providing advanced medical care to the community.

This tumor obstructed her blood flow causing breathing and swallowing difficulties, as well as a weakened voice. Using a minimally invasive approach through a neck incision, the surgeons avoided cutting though the rib cage.

The patient has since returned home and continues to receive follow-up care at Saudi German Hospital Dammam.

Saudi German Hospital Dammam’s unwavering dedication to its ethos of "Caring Like Family" is exemplified through its ability to perform critical surgeries with excellence. With a team of expert healthcare professionals and access to cutting-edge technologies, the hospital continues to set the standard for healthcare excellence in the region.

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