London, UK/Dubai, UAE –, an innovative EdTech startup based out of Dubai and London, is thrilled to announce its selection by HundrED, a globally renowned organization committed to transforming education through impactful and scalable innovations. This recognition places among the top 12 innovations in a collaboration between HundrED and the game company Supercell, aimed at identifying practical solutions that apply gamification in upper secondary education.

Out of nearly 200 entries, was chosen for its unique approach to gamified learning, proving its effectiveness in engaging and motivating learners in today's fast-paced world, which demands creativity and flexibility.


Founded in 2020 by the father-son duo Prashant Raiazade and Nikhil Raiazade, is pioneering the development of the world's first AI-augmented platform targeted at young individuals aged 10 to 25 years. Through gamified Quests, participants build critical skills in entrepreneurship, design thinking, and AI while collaboratively creating tech-enabled solutions to global challenges.

Each participant completes these Quests with a Digital Skills Passport, an accreditation recognized by an institution affiliated with Stanford University. A significant aspect of's curriculum is the integration of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), emphasizing the necessity of real-world skills such as user experience (UX) and design thinking.

To date, has impacted over 1500 children across 14 countries, with its alumni, known as Luminaries, securing positions in top educational institutions and internships.'s Approach to Education operates on a B2B model, partnering with schools and companies to sponsor Quests in underserved communities or to use the platform for training apprentices and graduates. The startup has collaborated with more than 15 schools across the UK, India, South Korea, Singapore, Mexico, and the UAE, with programs either directly funded by these institutions or offered as extracurricular activities financed by parents.

A Call to Action by CEO Prashant Raizada

In a recent statement, CEO Prashant Raiazade emphasized the importance of AI in regional development plans such as Dubai's D33 and Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030. He highlighted the current lag in the operational environment and skill levels in the region, suggesting that governments can gain a competitive edge by integrating initiatives like the personal Skills Passport into their educational frameworks.

"We are at a pivotal moment where the integration of AI and gamified learning in education can significantly enhance our global competitiveness," said Prashant. "Governments that are proactive in adopting these innovations will undoubtedly lead in the international arena." invites educational institutions and corporations interested in pioneering the future of learning to join their quest for innovation and real-world problem-solving.