Kuwait: In continued efforts to elevate its banking experience to higher levels of quality and excellence, Kuwait International Bank (KIB) announced the launch of two new features to its suite of contact center services, which aim to add more ease and convenience to every customer interaction. This comes as part of the Bank’s overarching strategy for achieving holistic banking distinction that resonates in every touch point with the customer.

Recognizing the convenience of texting as a means of communication, KIB introduced the WhatsApp interactive service, which allows customers to skip all hotline queues and get an instant reply to their inquiries. To initiate a conversation with the new interactive service, customers simply need to save the Bank’s number (1866866) on their phones and prompt a chat using WhatsApp. In addition, the Bank announced that its Black Account segment customers now have a designated contact center team who are solely devoted to taking their calls 24/7.

Commenting on the new features, Taher Al-Baghli, Contact Center Assistant Manager at KIB, said: “We understand that time and effort are valuable resources, and that’s why we are always on the lookout for innovative solutions that enable us to save our customers’ precious resources. In a fast-paced market, our goal is to be able to serve our customers with speed and uncompromised quality, not to mention being available on the channels that they prefer to use for communication.”

Al-Baghli affirmed that the newly launched KIB WhatsApp interactive service is a testament to the Bank’s commitment to staying on par with the latest technologies available across the global banking industry. With growing advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, AI-supported chatbots can now tend to customers’ queries in an accurate, personalized, and time-saving manner, making the KIB WhatsApp interactive service a valuable addition to the Bank’s pool of tech-based solutions and a noteworthy step toward its digital transformation.

Moreover, Al-Baghli noted that adopting new technologies also allows the Bank to utilize its own customer service representatives in a more productive manner. By opening up new, automated channels of communication, KIB ensures that its staff can focus their energy and attention on top-priority queries without any distractions, which ultimately guarantees better service quality for all customers.

Realizing the paramount role that the banking industry plays in individuals’ lives and the effect that it has on their day-to-day experiences, KIB spares no effort to respond to its customers’ growing needs and aspirations by innovating new products and services that add ease and convenience to their banking experience and overall lifestyle.

About KIB

Kuwait International Bank (KIB) is a bank that operates according to the Islamic Shari’ah, based in the State of Kuwait. Incorporated in 1973, and originally known as Kuwait Real Estate Bank, KIB made the transition to its current Islamic operating model in 2007. In 2018, KIB embarked on a new phase of its journey full of innovation and development. As part of its new strategic direction, the Bank focuses on offering a next-level customer experience under the slogan: “Bank for Life”. 

Through a network of branches spread across the State of Kuwait, KIB offers a broad range of banking products and services, as well as innovative digital banking solutions in line with international best standards. As part of its duty towards the community, the Bank also encompasses a leading social responsibility program that aims at positively impacting all members of the community through a wide range of impactful initiatives and activities.

Today, KIB has taken concrete steps in implementing its new strategic objectives. The Bank has cemented its role as a key player in the local banking industry and has continued to maintain its strong financial performance; enabling it to be globally recognized for its strong credit rating and financial position.