Kuwait: In order to provide its customers with a seamless and unique banking experience, Kuwait International Bank (KIB) announced activating the contactless near-field communication (NFC) service at its ATMs all around the country. This step comes within the framework of the Bank's comprehensive strategy aimed at keeping pace with the ongoing digital transformation and continuously developing its services and products.

Commenting on the new service, Ammar Maqamess, Assistant Manager, Retail Banking Department at KIB, said: “This distinguished step by KIB confirms, once again, its constant keenness to provide more innovative digital solutions that will take its customers’ experience to new horizons with world-class standards, in conjunction with the development of modern digital technologies. We continue to follow and keep abreast of all new technologies that we believe can contribute, directly or indirectly, to enhancing the degree of customer satisfaction and ensuring the quality of services that suit their lifestyle.”

Using NFC-enabled KIB Cards, as well as mobile devices and smartwatches, KIB customers can withdraw cash or make numerous types of transactions in a faster, seamless, and more secure manner.

Apart from the new ATM service, KIB customers can still benefit from the Bank’s ATM network in multiple ways, such as withdrawing and depositing cash, transferring money between accounts, managing PIN, and making cardless withdrawals using the civil ID and mobile number. Other services include settling KIB credit card payments, activating new cards, subscribing to the Bank’s SMS service, redeeming cashback points, and topping up the KIB prepaid card.

It is worth noting that KIB remains a leader among Kuwaiti banking entities, supporting the digital transformation of the banking sector in the country. The Bank spares no effort in adopting new banking and financial technologies that elevate its customers’ experience and contribute to the comprehensive progress and sustainable growth of the local banking market.


About KIB

Kuwait International Bank (KIB) is a bank that operates according to the Islamic Shari’ah, based in the State of Kuwait. Incorporated in 1973, and originally known as Kuwait Real Estate Bank, KIB made the transition to its current Islamic operating model in 2007. In 2018, KIB embarked on a new phase of its journey full of innovation and development. As part of its new strategic direction, the Bank focuses on offering a next-level customer experience under the slogan: “Bank for Life”. 

Through a network of branches spread across the State of Kuwait, KIB offers a broad range of banking products and services, as well as innovative digital banking solutions in line with international best standards. As part of its duty towards the community, the Bank also encompasses a leading social responsibility program that aims at positively impacting all members of the community through a wide range of impactful initiatives and activities.

Today, KIB has taken concrete steps in implementing its new strategic objectives. The Bank has cemented its role as a key player in the local banking industry and has continued to maintain its strong financial performance; enabling it to be globally recognized for its strong credit rating and financial position.