Muscat: Khimji Ramdas, a leading business conglomerate in Oman, is proud to announce a special event recognizing and felicitating 55 esteemed business partners of the Khimji Ramdas Air Conditioning and Appliances Division. This event highlights the significant contributions of these partners, who have been instrumental in expanding Khimji Ramdas Air Conditioning and Appliances Division’s reach and fostering strong relationships within local communities across Oman.

The event recognized the key partners for their exceptional contributions and commitment to Khimji Ramdas Air Conditioning and Appliances Division’s vision. These partners have not only helped expand Khimji Ramdas Air Conditioning and Appliances Division’s market presence but have also played a pivotal role in building strong connections with local communities. Their extensive reach and influence have been vital in making Khimji Ramdas Air Conditioning and Appliances Division products and services accessible to a wide customer base.

These partners contribute approximately 40% to the division's overall business, underscoring their importance in Khimji Ramdas Air Conditioning and Appliances Division’s operations. Many of these partners have been associated with the division for decades, with some partnerships spanning an impressive 40 years. This long-standing collaboration has been key to Khimji Ramdas Air Conditioning and Appliances Division’s sustained growth and market leadership.

Mr.Hitesh Akarte, COO of Khimji Ramdas Infrastructure Cluster, stated, “As we gathered to celebrate the achievements of our esteemed partners, we recognize their profound impact on our journey. Beyond business transactions, these relationships embody a shared commitment to excellence and innovation. Together, we have navigated challenges, seized opportunities, and forged enduring bonds that transcend mere commerce. Today’s recognition underscores not just their contributions to our division’s growth but also our collective resilience and vision for the future. We remain steadfast in our pursuit of excellence, guided by the principles of trust, collaboration, and unwavering dedication to serving Oman’s communities. Here’s to our partners, whose dedication and partnership continue to inspire and propel us forward.”

Mr.Sunil Vishnu,General Manager of Khimji Ramdas Air Conditioning and appliances division, expressed his heartfelt gratitude, stating, “Our business partners are the backbone of our success in the Air Conditioning and Home Appliances Division. Their unwavering support and dedication have enabled us to establish a strong foothold in every nook and corner of Oman. We value these relationships deeply and look forward to many more years of successful collaboration. This event is a small token of our appreciation for their continued trust and partnership.”

He further added “Representing six renowned brands General, Kelon, SKM, Simfer, Lagermania, and Electrolux Khimji Ramdas Air Conditioning and Appliances Division is synonymous with quality, innovation, and reliability. With more than 100 business partners nationwide, we ensure these products are accessible to customers throughout the country.”

The KR AC & Appliances Division is committed to fostering an entrepreneurial mindset among the youth of our nation through comprehensive training programs. By guiding, supporting, and mentoring aspiring professionals, promoting ongoing knowledge and skill development. Moreover, the division also plays a pivotal role in environmental stewardship by introducing sustainable products and advocating for environmental protection awareness.

In addition to celebrating the achievements of its partners, the event also provided an opportunity for Khimji Ramdas Air Conditioning and Appliances Division to reiterate its commitment to excellence. By continuously fostering strong partnerships and investing in quality products, Khimji Ramdas Air Conditioning and Appliances Division aims to maintain its leadership position in the air conditioning and appliances market. The company remains dedicated to providing exceptional products and services through its extensive network of partners, ensuring the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

KR Air Conditioning and Appliances division has an unparalleled after-sales service. KR’s extensive fleet of Mobile Service Centres has been instrumental in ensuring quick, efficient and hassle-free services. In addition, the company currently also has six KR Air Conditioning and Appliances business owned showrooms across Oman. With KR Air Conditioning and Appliances business network, the product range of air conditioners and appliances have found its application in a number of industries and has been the preferred choice in residential villas as well as large commercial establishments.