Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Help AG, the cybersecurity arm of e& enterprise (formerly known as Etisalat Digital) and the region’s trusted security advisor, has launched a new edition of its fully cloud-delivered Digital Risk Protection (DRP) service. The new service comes with best-in-class benefits such as comprehensive risk detection, which incorporates deep and dark web modality, as well as market-leading remediation that lowers digital risk for organisations by identifying unwanted exposure and protecting against external threats.

Focused on six critical capabilities across three distinct categories as per the digital risk categorisation, Help AG’s newest service reflects its commitment to helping customers reduce the risks that emerge from digital transformation, protect against the unwanted exposure of an organisation’s data, brand, and attack surface, as well as provide actionable insights on threats from the open, deep, and dark web.

Commenting on the launch of the service, Stephan Berner, Chief Executive Officer of Help AG, said: “As more organisations and businesses embrace digital practices, online channels and applications, it is more vital than ever to manage and safeguard their digital assets from the risk of unwanted exposure. Help AG’s Managed Digital Risk Protection service provides internal and external intelligence, and protection as a single service using robust tactical mitigation and strategic threat resolution, offering our clients an industry-leading assurance over their digital risk exposure.”

As organisations get intertwined more deeply with their supply chain, customers and partners, the data they seek to protect becomes increasingly exposed, according to Berner. “With its unrivalled coverage, world-class expertise and market-leading relevance, Help AG’s Managed Digital Risk Protection service enables our customers to minimise digital risk by detecting data loss, securing online brands, and reducing attack surfaces irrespective of the motive, attack vector, or perpetrator, making it one of the best fitted Digital Risk Protection services,” Berner commented.

The service uses cutting-edge technology like near real-time detection platform, and sophisticated threat contextualization tools and techniques. This along with Help AG’s in-country cyber defense expertise will help identify the correlation of threats across diverse sources. As a robust remediation mechanism, out of box integrations are supported through APIs, and playbooks are readily available to better support incident triage and response.

The range of services offered by Help AG’s Managed DRP service is based on six pillars:

  • Data Leakage Detection covering marked documents, customer details and employee credentials.
  • Brand Protection from impersonating domains, phishing sites, spoofed social media profiles and spoofed mobile apps.
  • DevSecOps against exposed access keys and unauthorized code commits.
  • Dark Web Monitoring to check accounts for sale, mentions by threat actors and phishing kits.
  • Attack Surface Monitoring for exploitable vulnerabilities, certificate issues, open ports, and misconfigured devices.
  • Threat Intelligence to monitor and track threat actor profiles, intelligence incidents, suppliers, and vendors, as well as vulnerabilities and exploits.

To ensure the right level of coverage is provided for organisations at every scale to minimise their digital risk, Help AG’s service subscription packs are comprehensive, with each package assuring unlimited assets during onboarding, along with deep and dark web modality.

Help AG’s market-leading expertise with dedicated cyber defense teams scanning 60 million entities every week, and superior customer service with 24x7 ongoing support and mitigation capabilities – enable its clients to take a proactive approach in preventing any undue exposure, so that they can focus on the core of their business. 

Help AG’s Managed DRP service subscription gives customers a choice to have a Customer Success Manager (CSM) to provide periodical business reviews on the critical threats observed, and the tactics and strategies that were employed to mitigate these threats.

The Managed Digital Risk Protection (DRP) service is a testimony to why hundreds of organisations across the UAE have already turned to Help AG to help minimise their digital risks and ensure sustained business continuity.


About Help AG

Help AG is the cybersecurity arm of e& enterprise (formerly Etisalat Digital) and provides leading enterprise businesses and governments across the Middle East with strategic consultancy combined with tailored information security solutions and services that address their diverse requirements, enabling them to evolve securely with a competitive edge. Present in the Middle East since 2004, Help AG was strategically acquired by e& (formerly known as Etisalat Group) in 2020, hence creating a cybersecurity and digital transformation powerhouse in the region.

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