• Heka Trading will showcase impressive lineup of medical equipment and integrated health solutions
  • Dubai Derma participation the latest step in Heka Trading’s commitment to “advance the standards of patient care and well-being across a broad spectrum of medical needs”

Dubai, UAE – Heka Trading, a leading provider of innovative medical devices, integrated healthcare solutions, and skincare products, is set to showcase a comprehensive range of its latest offerings at the upcoming Dubai Derma, taking place from March 5-7 at Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC).

The leading dermatology and laser event in the Middle East and Africa (MEA), Dubai Derma will once again welcome speakers, surgeons, skincare practitioners, industry experts, and key stakeholders for its 23rd edition next week.

Alongside excellent educational opportunities over its three-day duration, a specialized exhibition will be held in conjunction with the conference like always – providing an interactive avenue for healthcare entities to promote their newest products and equipment available on the market today.

In line with this tradition, Heka Trading will showcase its impressive lineup of medical equipment and integrated healthcare solutions at the annual showpiece. With a particular focus on aesthetic, physio, and slimming clinics alongside medical, rehabilitation, and wellness centers, Heka Trading looks forward to evolving healthcare sector needs while engaging with hospitals, medical directors, specialist doctors, laser therapists, dietitians, purchasers, and retailers.

Dr. Nour Kafri, Distribution Manager - Medical Equipment at Heka Trading, said: “We are thrilled to be participating at Dubai Derma 2024 and look forward to engaging with attendees from across the region and wider world while showcasing our cutting-edge medical equipment and integrated healthcare solutions. Our emphasis on aesthetic clinics, medical centers, and various healthcare segments reflects our commitment to advancing the standards of patient care and well-being across a broad spectrum of medical needs.”

Heka Trading has provided attendees with a first glimpse of what they can expect to see at the event. The equipment and solutions include Z TONE, a high-energy inductive device for muscle growth and body shaping; Z WAVE, an aquatic shock wave device for body tightening; and Z LIPO, a cryolipolysis device used to support patients with their slimming goals.

Other Heka Trading innovations on display will include 10 THERA, a high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) for skin tightening and lifting; and REXONAGE 3, patented quantum molecular resonance (QMR) technology for toning, tightening, lifting effect, and lymphatic drainage.

Additionally, attendees will have opportunities to become acquainted with Dermio Care Plus for skin rejuvenation and YouthHeal Exoprime Skin Booster, which features vegetable exosomes and sturgeon sodium DNA for skin enhancement.

For more information on Heka Trading and its devices, solutions, and products, kindly visit: Heka Trading - Heka Health

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