• The GCC's last-mile market is set to grow to $1.9 billion by 2027 at an 8% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

United Arab Emirates: Wize, a Dubai-based startup providing the most sustainable solutions for last-mile delivery, has raised $16M in a pre-seed funding round co-led by MENA-focused angel investors. Funds will be spent to enhance the company's presence in the UAE market, further product development and explore new partnership opportunities in the MENA market.

Unlike competitors, Wize developed a comprehensive ecosystem to help delivery and retail businesses meet the UAE’s net zero requirements and follow the UAE Green Agenda. Several services are included in the Wize ecosystem, such as electric motorcycles, Wize rental and subscription platform for business owners to manage their fleets 24/7, battery-as-a-service and swapping stations as well as software components.

The company offers subscription-based electric motorcycles, enhancing the sustainability of delivery operations in the UAE. For all business needs and budgets, Wize selected the following motorcycles: swift, rapid, and speedy. All comply with UAE regulations for courier transport, including the delivery box, which is standardized to RTA requirements. Using electric motorcycles, businesses reduce transportation costs by up to 30% per month.

Wize Rental and Subscription Online Platform for business owners allows them to improve their bottom line and contribute to environmental sustainability. Through this platform, clients can manage their fleets 24/7 from anywhere. The platform gathers data on driver behaviour, location, speed, and charge levels of the connected vehicles. Furthermore, Wize's platform can be adopted as a white-label solution by any logistics company that wants to rent out its vehicles.

Also, the company is the first to install battery-swapping stations in the UAE, Wize Power. They will enable drivers to easily exchange batteries when needed. The batteries are adapted to the UAE weather conditions and are frequently used in deliveries. Battery Swap App allows drivers to search and reserve batteries in advance and stay informed about battery charge levels.

Wize is also focused on the software component of the battery-as-a-service. The company has its own software that allows it to manage battery swapping stations and monitor the condition of all batteries. Wize developed the UAE-first software that is fully compliant with local laws, and all data is located in the UAE.

“The UAE's Green Agenda 2030 actively encourages businesses to pursue more sustainable growth. We are proud to offer an innovative full-service solution that empowers retailers and delivery companies to progress toward achieving net-zero emissions and significantly reduce their carbon footprint,” notes Alexander Lemzakov, co-founder and CEO of Wize.

Wize is in the process of establishing partnerships with well-known delivery companies in the region. The company has already signed a long-term partnership with Motoboy, the UAE's first sustainable logistics firm, with a long-term goal of achieving zero-carbon emissions through the exclusive use of electric bikes. It will enable Wize to manage all steps of motorcycle usage and understand the needs of potential clients and delivery companies.

According to the World Economic Forum, the number of delivery vehicles in the largest 100 cities of the world will increase by 36% until 2030, and carbon emissions from delivery traffic will increase by 32%, causing another 6 million tons of CO2. Real change toward a more sustainable last mile takes coordination and collaboration across the ecosystem.


About Wize

Wize, founded in 2022, is a B2B platform delivering eco-friendly solutions to contribute to last-mile delivery market electrification as well as the sustainability of the UAE and MENA regions. Wize offers  electric motorcycles, Wize rental and subscription platform for business owners to manage their fleets 24/7, battery-as-a-service and swapping stations as well as the Battery Swap App for drivers.

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