Dubai, UAE - Greeneration, a modern vertical farm in Dubai, announces the addition of new locally grown premium customisable edible flowers, leaves, microgreens and rare products to its supplies, providing the HoReCa industry with access to high-quality and flavourful ingredients straight from the farm.

The fresh lineup includes Wood Sorrel (Oxalis leaves), Shiso Green, Red Shiso, Lemon Verbena, Golden Pea, Huacatay, Balsamina, and Torenia. Each variety is carefully selected for its distinct flavours, textures, and culinary versatility, offering hotels, restaurants, bars and caterers in the UAE limitless opportunities for culinary exploration and exceptional dining experiences.

Roman Ulyanov, Founder and Managing Partner of Greeneration, explains the inspiration behind the new additions. "We were inspired by the cultural significance of these crops in various cuisines around the world. Shiso is very popular in Japan and Korea, Huacatay in Peru and oxalis in Slavic in North European countries. Our goal is to localize production and increase the quality of these globally beloved ingredients by bringing these closer to home,” explains Roman Ulyanov, Founder and Managing Partner.

The new varieties boast a spectrum of flavours and textures, catering to diverse culinary preferences. Shiso, an Asian classic, offers fragrances reminiscent of cumin with mint while Oxalis leaves provide a tangy sweetness, ideal for desserts or savoury fish or red meat dishes. Lemon Verbena imparts a refreshing citrus flavour perfect for cold drinks. The flowers, like Balsamina with its golden glow, are perfect for visual decoration while Torenia, shaped like bells, doubles as an elegant vessel for creams or sauces for a delightful presentation.

“At Greeneration, we are committed to delivering the highest standards of quality and freshness. Our vertical farms maximize space and resources, ensuring a constant supply of fresh, high-quality products year-round. This sustainable approach reduces the impact of seasonal variations and with no pesticides used in our productions, consumers can enjoy our greens straight from the farm,” adds Ulyanov.

Greeneration offers over 70 varieties of microgreens, leaves, rare crops and edible flowers which are grown using advanced hydroponic technology, placed in a closed controlled environment with strictly perfect temperature, light and air conditions. The farm has an HACCP-certified 7-star growing system that has the capacity to supply more than 1,000 of the UAE's finest restaurants. With same-day cutting and guaranteed one-day delivery, Greeneration ensures unparalleled freshness and convenience for its customers, which is the first in the UAE.

Looking ahead, Greeneration plans to collaborate with renowned chefs and restaurants to showcase the culinary potential of its new products. From exclusive events to partnerships with top culinary professionals, Greeneration aims to inspire creativity and innovation in kitchens worldwide.

Customers can easily place orders through Greeneration's user-friendly website at Operating 24/7, the platform offers seamless ordering, extensive selection, and unwavering support.

To explore Greeneration's diverse product range and learn about its new line-up of specialty greens and edible flowers, visit their website at

About Greeneration:

Greeneration is a modern vertical farm in Dubai where we grow and consistently supply premium customisable edible flowers, leaves, microgreens and rare crops to hotels, restaurants, bars and caterers in the UAE on the same day of harvest. We locally grow and supply 10 rare cultures – no one else in the UAE can – and more to come.

Our mission it to provide hyperlocal, high-quality, and nutritious greens in the UAE, contributing to the national food security and sustainability initiatives.

We understand that the quality of the ingredients is paramount in creating a dining experience that will leave a lasting impression on your customers. That's why we offer a range of high-quality microgreens and edible flowers that are grown using advanced hydroponic technology.

In addition to our commitment to quality, we are proud to mention that we also hold HACCP certificate, ensuring our best quality standards in cultivation and distribution. For more information, visit