Dubai, United Arab Emirates: This partnership brings together Mercans' disruptive payroll technology and Infosys' technology consultancy and business process outsourcing (BPO) capabilities to create the most technologically advanced and operationally resilient global payroll offering.

Infosys, a Forbes Global 1000 company, is a business conglomerate listed on the NYSE and Forbes Global 1000 and has been a leader in the business consulting, ITES, and BPO industries for 41 years, boasting an impressive annual revenue of US $19 billion.

Infosys’ business process management subsidiary
, with a focus on Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and back-office transformation projects, has selected Mercans’ disruptive payroll technology to power the growth of its BPO service offering and deliver the revolutionary digital transformation of international payroll function to its clients.

The unwavering trust Infosys BPM has shown in Mercans' global payroll technology has put the latter into an entirely new league and heralded a ground-breaking era in international payroll. Finally, multinational clients gain access to a single, intuitive, and fully integrated global payroll solution, marking a monumental turning point. This partnership enables clients to streamline and fully automate their payroll processes and consolidate their global payroll operations.

The combination of Mercans’ superior multi-country payroll technology with Infosys’ business processes outsourcing capabilities, will create an unparalleled global payroll service across 6 continents that leverages Mercans’ proprietary and advanced payroll platform, G2N Nova for transforming the payroll operations of Infosys’ BPO clients.

This strategic alliance marks the beginning of a new phase in the payroll outsourcing industry that is technology-driven. Mercans’ global payroll software, with its latest G2N Nova upgrade, is the only solution that delivers completely digital end-to-end payroll processing capabilities on a single platform across 100+ countries. G2N Nova will enable Infosys to generate gross-to-net payroll calculations and complete all payroll-related statutory compliance activities for its clients on a single scalable platform across the world. This technology-driven approach is a game changer in the payroll outsourcing industry, allowing multinationals to transform their payroll functions into fully automated processes with unmatched efficiencies and cost savings.

 Vishwanathan Vish, the CEO of Mercans Payroll & SaaS, enthusiastically affirms,
"Mercans and Infosys form the ultimate technology partnership, delivering an unparalleled global payroll experience to Infosys clients. Our joint offering is unequivocally the most compelling and sought-after global payroll solution in the market. Beyond providing world-class global payroll technology, Mercans offers a comprehensive range of integrated in-country services to enterprise customers, granting them access to EOR, compliance, talent management, and HR advisory services across the globe."

To delve deeper into the ground-breaking partnership between Mercans and Infosys, and witness first-hand how this global payroll platform revolutionizes the experience for clients worldwide, visit Mercans’ Alliance page here. Brace yourself for the dawn of a new era in global payroll.