Etihad Cargo is celebrating a 10-year strategic partnership with Envirotainer, a significant milestone in providing excellence in the safe and reliable transportation of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and healthcare products.

In 2023, Etihad Cargo utilised Envirotainer's active containers on 134 per cent more trips than in the previous year, supporting the carrier's growth for its PharmaLife product and achievement of the highest volumes transported in Etihad Cargo's history.

Etihad Cargo has achieved QEP certification for 30 of its stations, demonstrating the carrier's strong commitment and adherence to the highest reliability and quality standards in the temperature-controlled freight industry.

16 of Etihad Cargo's Pharma Champions have undergone specialised training at the Envirotainer Academy, enabling the carrier to offer enhanced expertise to Etihad Cargo's customers in key regions.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – Etihad Cargo, the cargo and logistics arm of Etihad Airways, is celebrating the carrier's ten-year strategic partnership with Envirotainer, a global market leader in secure cold chain solutions for air transport of pharmaceuticals. This milestone marks a decade of excellence in transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals across the globe, combining Etihad Cargo's comprehensive global network and expertise with Envirotainer's innovative container solutions. Since the partnership took flight in 2013, Etihad Cargo has utilised Envirotainer's unit load devices (ULDs) to enhance the safety and quality of pharmaceutical shipments via the carrier's International Air Transport Association (IATA) Centre of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV)-certified PharmaLife product.

In 2023, Etihad Cargo utilised Envirotainer’s active containers on 134 per cent more trips than the previous year. The carrier also achieved a 37 per cent increase in pharmaceutical and healthcare shipments, marking the highest volumes in Etihad Cargo's history. This growth demonstrates Etihad Cargo's continued investment in its infrastructure, product features and partnerships, which have enabled the carrier to contribute to creating a healthcare ecosystem in Abu Dhabi and a robust global pharma supply chain.

Underscoring the carrier's commitment to maintaining quality across its cool chain operations, Etihad Cargo has been awarded the prestigious Qualified Envirotainer Providers (QEP) accreditation for its Abu Dhabi hub and an additional 29 stations across its extensive network. This accreditation is a testament to Etihad Cargo's strong commitment and adherence to the highest standards of reliability and quality in the temperature-controlled freight industry.

The collaboration between Etihad Cargo and Envirotainer extends beyond container provision, emphasising excellence in training and standards elevation. To date, 16 of Etihad Cargo's Pharma Champions have undergone specialised training at the Envirotainer Academy, ensuring Etihad Cargo's customers benefit from the most knowledgeable and skilled professionals in the pharmaceutical logistics sector.

Furthermore, this partnership has embodied a shared vision for innovation, particularly in leveraging technology to streamline processes and enhance transparency within the global pharmaceutical supply chain. Etihad Cargo and Envirotainer are currently developing a unified booking platform. This initiative promises to simplify the container booking process and provide customers with more transparent and efficient tracking capabilities.

Thomas Schürmann, Head of Cargo Operations & Delivery at Etihad Cargo, said: "Etihad Cargo's decade-long partnership with Envirotainer reflects the shared ongoing commitment to creating a more robust, resilient and transparent global healthcare ecosystem. Through this collaboration, Etihad Cargo has been able to ensure the seamless delivery of essential life-saving medicines to improve the lives of people around the world while overcoming logistical challenges and providing transparency."

“This significant milestone highlights the true collaboration between our two companies and resonates with our mission of enabling global access to biopharmaceuticals. We look forward to continuing to work together to further strengthen and innovate the cold chain,” said Akos Balkanyi, Global Key Account Manager.

As Etihad Cargo and Envirotainer celebrate a decade of partnership, both organisations look forward to continuing their joint efforts to advance the pharmaceutical logistics industry through innovation, excellence, and a mutual commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

About Etihad Cargo:

Etihad Cargo is the cargo and logistics arm of Etihad Airways. Since its establishment in 2004, Etihad Cargo has grown rapidly to become one of the leading air cargo carriers in the world, offering customers a range of cargo products and services to five major continents. Its hub in Abu Dhabi is strategically located at the centre of the world's busiest trade lanes, providing an integral link between Asia, Europe, North America, Australia and Africa.

In addition to general cargo, Etihad Cargo offers a wide range of specialty products including live animals, dangerous goods, valuables and vulnerables, personal effects, as well as its market leading cold chain products (the latter holding IATA's stringent Centre of Excellence for Independent Validators certifications for both Pharmaceutical and Perishables Logistics, as well as Live Animals Logistics). 

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About Envirotainer

Envirotainer is the specialist in secure cold chain solutions for intercontinental transport of pharmaceuticals. The company develops, manufactures and offers leasing of innovative container solutions and dewars for cryogenic shipping, including validation, support and service, for pharma products that require a controlled environment. Thanks to a truly global presence with the world’s largest active container fleet, the most extensive network and more than 35 years of industry expertise, Envirotainer is able to meet the customers’ need for innovative and reliable solutions - available from any location to any destination. The company operates through an open, global network of airlines and forwarders and the headquarters is located outside of Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, please visit

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