Abu Dhabi, UAE: The Emirates Family Office Association (“EFOA”), the new, unique independent body supporting UAE (and global) Family Offices, announces the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding - for a strategic partnership with the Government of Bermuda.

The partnership aligns with EFOA’s strategy to strengthen collaboration in the global Family Office ecosystem - and a shared ambition between EFOA and the Government of Bermuda to strengthen cross-border ties between Family Offices registered in both jurisdictions.

Under the terms of the MoU, EFOA will - over the next 12 months - establish a physical presence in Bermuda. It will also initiate a program for Family Office delegations from the UAE and Bermuda to visit their counterparts, to build relationships and strengthen ties.

Adam Ladjadj, Founder and Chairman of EFOA, said:

“It is with great delight we announce the signing of a MoU with the Government of Bermuda. We have always been clear about our desire to welcome international participants into the EFOA family, and strengthen ties between families across the global ecosystem. This strategic partnership is an extremely positive step in this direction.

“We are the Emirates Family Office Association by name, but our outlook is international by nature. Our mission is the same anywhere and everywhere: to empower family offices with networking and knowledge, to help them use and preserve their wealth, and to grow the global family office ecosystem.”

Jason Hayward, Bermuda’s Minister of Economy and Labour, said:

“The introduction of a new family office framework lays the foundation for a thriving ecosystem for family office business in Bermuda. We believe these changes will greatly contribute to our economy, bringing financial capital, a wealth of knowledge, and global connections. The EFOA’s commitment to Bermuda is a testament to our efforts to establish Bermuda as one of the leading destinations for family offices worldwide.”

Founded in 2023, EFOA is an independent, non-profit association and the only official industry body for family offices in the UAE – helping member families allocate assets, preserve and grow their wealth, modernise their business structures, and scale their operations internationally.

EFOA’s mission is to encourage and develop a higher degree of sophistication among Family Offices and businesses, regionally and globally, by offering tools and insights on community building, learning opportunities, policy and advocacy, and financial structures.

EFOA recently co-hosted the inaugural International Family Office Congress event at Abu Dhabi Finance Week which was attended by c. 300 Family Office principals, High Net Worth Individuals, government officials, and C-suite level individuals.

Further information
Email: EFOA@thoburns.com

About EFOA

The Emirates Family Office Association is an independent, not-for-profit organisation designed to support the UAE’s family office community.

EFOA strives to provide resources, education, and support to family offices, while fostering collaboration and innovation among its member organisations.

For more information, please visit https://emiratesfoa.com/.