DUBAI –  EIRA, the premium Norwegian natural mineral water brand, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Majestas, a prominent hospitality group, on March 22, 2023, coinciding with World Water Day that aims to raise awareness about the importance of fresh water and advocate for its sustainable management. This annual celebration has been observed since 1993. The partnership will entail EIRA water being served exclusively across a curated collection of Majestas' global venues, spanning various countries and continents.

Majestas is a renowned name in the global hospitality industry, renowned for creating outstanding experiences in luxury dining, entertainment, and hospitality. Their portfolio includes premium dining concepts such as Crazy Pizza, Twiga, and Billionaire. This partnership with Majestas will enable EIRA's expansion in Europe, including France, Italy, Monaco, and select countries in the Middle East.

Francesco Menegazzo, Executive Director for Majestas is delighted having EIRA water on the menu and adds: “All the experiences we design are tailored for a global community of discerning guests who share our values and attitude toward life. Starting from the quality of the food and drinks served to the choice of music and interior design, we carefully craft each detail to shape exceptional moments. Serving EIRA water at our venues in 8 cities across 6 countries, we are certain our guests will appreciate not only the beautiful packaging but also the purity and unsurpassed quality of this liquid of life.”

This partnership marks another impressive achievement for EIRA, as the brand continues to make waves in the luxury food and beverage industry. The brand's expansion into new markets has enabled it to reach a broader audience, resulting in a remarkable increase in sales and headcount growth in 2022.

EIRA CEO Nils Jørgen Sehested notes, "Collaborations with like-minded organizations, such as Majestas, allow us to bring our mission to life in a meaningful way while continuing to scale our impact in the food and beverage industry. With a solid vision in place and a talented team at the helm, we are well-poised to capitalize on new opportunities and drive long-term success for EIRA and our partners."


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About EIRA Water

In search of the purest water in Norway, geologists found the ‘Eira’ fount – pristine, clear and low in minerals. The water is unfiltered and bottled straight from the source. The EIRA plant is 100% hydroelectric, making it a low greenhouse gas emission establishment that uses one of the most environmentally sustainable sources of electricity for its operations. 

The still and sparkling bottles are uniquely identified by their signature gold and silver caps respectively. The water is available in 400ml and 700ml glass bottles, along with 500ml PET bottle for convenience.

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