DUBAI, UAE: DiapointME LLC, is the leading place for people touched by Diabetes. Diapoint offers community, events, education, advocacy and products in the health and wellness space for people with diabetes.

Most recently, Diapoint has launched their E-Commerce platform, the Diapoint Shop, in Arabic.

Founder and Managing Director of Diapoint, Pamela Durant, shares her excitement about this launch and explains how it aligns with company’s mission:

“It was certainly a labor of love. But just like everything we do, it is WHO we do it for makes all the hard work worth it. It is so exciting to see this vision come to life.

While I do not speak much Arabic, I knew very early on that this was something I wanted to do something that needed to be done.

Arabic friendly resources were few and far between in the diabetes world when my son was         diagnosed over 13 years ago.

After his diagnosis, I kept asking myself what do people who aren't fluent in English do? How can they find supplies and quality information about health and diabetes? There is so much information out there in English, but not as much in other languages, including Arabic.”

In addition to their online shop, Diapoint is currently in the process of rolling out many free resources in Arabic to better support people with diabetes in the region.


About Diapoint

Diapoint was created by Pamela Durant, the mother of a child who was diagnosed with Type 1      Diabetes at 20-months old. She left a successful corporate career in 2016 to start Diapoint – the place for people touched by diabetes.

As she learned her way around the management of diabetes as a caretaker, it did not take long to understand the challenges, gaps and stigma that her son and others with diabetes face daily - both on a personal level and from a care perspective. This inspired her to create Diapoint, which provides diabetes education, coaching services, a diabetes network, advocacy and products via an online platform to support people living with diabetes. Diapoint also provides coaching education and    consulting for healthcare providers who support people with diabetes. Learn more about Diapoint here.

Media Contact:
Toka Gad