• Dentakay has experienced record growth doubling over the last 2 years from patients all over the world as demand for quality dental care not currently easily accessible or affordable outside Turkey grows
  • UK is a strong example where the annual number of patients flying to Turkey for dental care treatment has grown from 19 in 2021 to 1898 in 2023.
  • Group is commencing its global expansion programme in 2024 with the first clinic outside Turkey opening in Riyadh.   
  • Riyadh clinic opening reflects the Saudi Arabia Dental Market expected to grow from $40.25M in 2023 to $592.23M by 2028. 
  • In particular the dental care issue amongst children in the Kingdom is a concern, where the percentage of children with dental issues in Saudi Arabia at the ages of 6 years was 96%, and 12 years was 93.7% in 2023 highlighting the urgent need for additional dental care.

Riyadh. KSA: In a groundbreaking move set to redefine dental care across the GCC region, Dentakay, recognised as both Turkey and Europe’s premier international dental practice, with a portfolio of international patients, is expanding into Saudi Arabia and the GCC region, with its first clinic in Riyadh. This expansion comes amidst unprecedented demand for top-tier dental services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

In 2023 Dentakay, which has 7 clinics in Turkey, opened a consultation centre in London, attracting a significant number of UK patients. It reported an almost hundredfold increase in the number of British patients in four years.

The dental sector in Saudi Arabia is growing strongly. Mordor Intelligence is predicting dental care revenues in the KSA to increase from an estimated USD 406.25 million in 2023 to an impressive USD 592.23 million by 2028. Furthermore, the rate of dental caries (one of the most prominent bacterial infections) and diseases is increasing among children and adults in Saudi Arabia, creating a constant demand for emergency dental care. 

Last year around 95% of children aged between six and twelve in the KSA were infected with dental caries according to data issued by the Ministry of Health. 

Dentakay’s experience in treating bacterial infections at an early stage in children by using the most advanced dental technology will be beneficial from day one of its operations. 

Dentakay is keen to play a leading part in helping the KSA deliver its “Vision 2030” of revolutionising healthcare by introducing the most advanced dental technology to the region. Dentakay’s Riyadh clinic will offer the full range of dental care immediately from emergency procedures to regular health checks and surgery to cosmetic procedures including the sought-after “Hollywood Smile”. 

Dentakay’s CEO, Mr. Onur Akay reflects on the expansion plans saying “Over the last two years we have seen a dramatic increase in demand from European customers, which has led to our expanding our clinics within Turkey”. 

“We are also seeing a rise in KSA and Middle Eastern patients which together with the projected surge in demand for quality dentistry in the region is our rationale for our expansion within the region”. 

“As we inaugurate our Riyadh clinic, we bring our hallmark "Hollywood Smile" procedure, which will have an aesthetic impact on the Saudi community. Our endeavour extends beyond merely providing exceptional dental care; it demonstrates our dedication to becoming an integral part of the local community, understanding cultural nuances, and catering to diverse oral health needs,” he added.

Dentakay is also looking to expand in the Gulf by acquiring management contracts for existing clinics in the region which will then be operated under the Dentakay brand and with their teams in place. Dentakay would then renovate the clinics to their specifications and would operate in line with their best practice track record.  

Dr. Gülay Akay and Mr. Onur Akay are the founders of Dentakay, Turkey’s leading provider of dental health tourism. The clinic which has more than 600 employees globally, is the first certified member of the Swiss-based Slow Dentistry Global Network, an organisation which insists on strict rules and requires dentists to slow down the way they practise to improve standards of care and ensure safety, well-being, comfort and understanding. 

Dentakay offers both medical and cosmetic procedures. It has become well-known internationally for advanced technology to deliver a natural-looking ‘Hollywood smile’ to patients and for complicated and sensitive jaw operations. 

In 2022, Dentakay was awarded the Best Dental Clinic in Europe at The European Awards in Paris, France for its dedication to providing the highest level of dental services.

The clinic will be on Makkah Al Mukarramah Rd, Al Olaya and will be equipped with modern facilities to cater to a variety of dental care needs. It will be staffed by Dr. Basmah Sheikh, prosthodontist, Dr. Eman Fatani, consultant orthodontist, Dr. Afraa Murriky, implant dentistry, Dr. Enaam Alhasan, general practitioner and Dr. Ahmed Alahmari, general dentist. The clinic will operate from Sunday to Thursday from 2 pm to 10 pm and Saturdays from 12 pm to 5 pm.

About Dentakay

Dentakay is one of Europe’s leading dental hospitals and provider of dental health tourism.

All of its dentists have graduated from international universities and have taken the further ‘Dentistry Specialty Exam', as well as having a minimum of five years of experience. They must also meet the other exacting quality and service standards set by Dentakay Academy, the firm's own dentistry education platform.

The clinic itself was the first certified member of the Swiss-based Slow Dentistry Global Network, an organisation which insists on strict rules and requires dentists to slow down the way they practise to improve standards of care and ensure safety, well-being, comfort and understanding. It encourages hour-long dental appointments, also enabling the highest standards of anti-infection measures.

Dentakay is also certified by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. The certificate sets strict rules governing international patient treatment procedures and allows hospitals to accept global patients.

These certifications assure Dentakay patients that they are avoiding the problems seen at other clinics, which do not have medical certification either locally or internationally, do not display sufficient care about the patient experience, the quality of work, the experience of the doctors and many other factors.

Dentakay also issues warranty certificates after dental implants and dental crown treatments, something not offered by other clinics. These ensure that if a treatment fails, remedial costs are met in full either in Turkey or the patient’s home country (except in the case of patient negligence).

Dentakay launched their first London consultation room in September last year. Details on upcoming clinics in France, Dubai and the US to follow.

Riyadh Clinic:

  • Dr. Basmah Sheikh, a Prosthodontist, said that helping others and making a positive impact on people’s lives is the main reason for her career choice. She is a leader in prosthodontics and aesthetic dentistry, innovating and providing patients with the most advanced treatments available. In Saudi Arabia, she said that the demand for cosmetic dentistry and minimally invasive treatments is growing. The dental market is poised for an exciting future with an increasing focus on personalized care, technology integration, and specialization.
  • Dr.  Eman Fatani, Consultant Orthodontist said that positive experiences are very important for patients.  She sees the future of dentistry in Saudi Arabia as improving as patients are increasing their knowledge of preventive dentistry. She said that advanced technologies are helping to change painful experiences into comfortable ones and providing healthy smiles that everyone can enjoy.
  • Dr. Afraa Murriky, a Specialist in Implant Dentistry, said that her passion is to give patients pain-free treatment and to improve their quality of life. Dr Murriky wants to be on the cutting edge of new technology as dentistry is evolving rapidly and has improved the quality, aesthetics, longevity, and efficiency of patient care.
  • Dr. Enaam Alhasan, a General Practitioner with over 12 years of clinical experience, said that her inspiration was the artistic architecture of smiles. The learning involved in this field is continuous adding that in Saudi Arabia patients are more aware of treatment options. Patients expect treatments with advanced technology to be applied when it comes to aesthetic dentistry.
  • Dr. Ahmed Alahmari, General Dentistry, said that he is passionate about oral health care and enjoys the satisfaction of improving smiles and the overall well-being of his patients. He said that in Saudi Arabia the dental industry is constantly evolving to meet the needs and preferences of the population and he will deliver by providing quality dental care, promoting oral health, and improving patients' smiles

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