CRANK announced that it has partnered with Francorp Middle East, a leading international franchise operator, to expand its operations across the region and beyond. This expansion reflects the growing demand for boutique lifestyle fitness brands that provide instructor-led, data-driven workouts in a welcoming and enjoyable environment.

Heightened awareness and interest in health and fitness, combined with a desire to be more socially engaging, particularly post-pandemic, has strengthened the founders’ belief in linking fitness and community.

"CRANK is not only about promoting the physical aspect of health and wellbeing", say the founders of CRANK, Ken, Kourosh, Nuno and Sami. "We are also continuously looking for ways to enhance our clients' social and mental wellbeing, whether through community events, collaborations with other partners and brands, and social gatherings".

They added, "even when lockdowns ushered in a fitness at-home push, we quickly adapted our offering to meet consumers at home and launched our on-demand platform".

There are positive signals that the global fitness industry is set to grow over the long-term and competition is set to intensify. To this, the founders believe that, "we are confident that what we offer as a concept is unparalleled for several reasons. First, we are proudly UAE-grown, and there is something special about being able to export that to the world instead of being the recipients of global concepts. Second, the continuous investment in our premium facilities, physical space, fitness equipment, light and sound systems, results-based technology, and talent, position us well in the face of competition and ensures unrivalled consistency in quality and service."


CRANK Fitness, Ltd. (CRANK) is a boutique fitness studio offering RIDE and SHAPE classes, well known for its success in ushering in a new era of fit-entertainment, having invested heavily in state-of-the-art light and sound technologies. Founded in 2017, CRANK is a United Arab Emirates (UAE) homegrown concept, with two studios currently in operation (Dubai and Abu Dhabi). The brand is primarily known for:

  • Entertaining, unique, energy-driven, results-based classes.
  • An urban ‘feel-at-home’ quality design, in a highly differentiated location.
  • A welcoming family culture led by a team of friendly staff.

· A solid corporate backbone driving an unparalleled measure of quality and service consistency


Francorp Middle East is the largest Franchise Consulting firm in the MENA region. Established in 1976 in United States, Francorp Middle East provides comprehensive Franchise Consulting Services including but not limited to Franchise Program Development, Strategic Formulation, Legal Services, Franchise Operations Manual, Franchise Marketing and Sales Training through the seamless and coordinated efforts of an in-house team of expert Franchise Consultants. Over the years, Francorp has assisted more than 16,000 companies plan for expansion, and have developed more than 6000 full franchise program.