• Baybars: We aim to sell 120 megawatts of panels and record 30% market share
  • Zaki: We have 20 distributors nationwide and we provide the latest products despite the challenges

Cairo: The Chinese company Trina Solar, one of the largest companies producing solar energy cells in the world, signed an agreement with Maryzad Company, which works in the field of solar energy, to distribute Trina products and cells exclusively in the Egyptian market during a major celebration held in Cairo.

During the signing of the agreement, Engineer Ahmed Al-Musalami, Trina Solar’s sales manager in the Middle East and Africa, expressed his happiness with the partnership with Maryzad Company.
 Trina has been working in the Egyptian market for a long time and seeks, through this agreement, to strengthen its presence in Egypt, he said.

He explained that Trina is participating in the Solar & Storage Exhibition for solar energy in Egypt for the first time, due to its interest in the market, as his company has many of the latest products and seeks to showcase them during the exhibition in which it participates, most notably  cells and components that move solar cells with sunlight, in addition to energy storage solutions.  Trina seeks to attract new customers through the exhibition.

Al-Musalmi revealed that Trina Solar plans to reach its total sales volume in the Egyptian market to $500 million during the current year 2024. Trina Solar, he added, is the second largest company in the world in terms of sales volume of solar energy cells and among the largest companies in the world, and seeks to be present in the Egyptian market. The company hopes to support and participate directly in projects through the Maryzad Solar Energy Company.

Al-Musalmi revealed that the prices of solar cells are declining worldwide at the present time, and it is expected that prices will continue to decline during the coming period, explaining that there are huge projects expected to be implemented, especially in the field of equipment that carries solar cells.

Al-Musalmi added that it is expected to supply and install equipment carrying solar cells for the first time in the Egyptian market in cooperation with the Egyptian government.  There are negotiations to supply solar equipment for the benefit of the Ministry of Petroleum and with electricity companies, he confirmed.

He said that "Trina" is working to build partnerships in Egypt, especially in light of the governmental and presidential approach to expand in the field of renewable energy. There is great confidence in the Egyptian market after dollar prices became more stable, contributing to achieving the largest possible number of projects in conjunction with the stability of the market.

Al-Musalami said:” Trina Solar hopes to obtain a large market share in the Egyptian market, which is one of the important markets for us. The Egyptian market is promising and large and employs a large number of companies.”  Trina Solar has a factory in the United Arab Emirates and another in Saudi Arabia to meet increasing demand in those countries and  use their markets in exporting its products.

In the same context, Engineer Amr Baybars, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Maryzad Company, which operates in the field of solar energy, said that Marizad has been working with Trina Solar for 7 years, and decided to sign an exclusive agreement with Trina after studying the Egyptian market and its conditions. The company will be the sole distributor of Trina products in Egypt with the aim of enabling companies operating in the market to work with high-quality products and support the local market with the best international products in myriad ways.

Baybars noted that Marizad seeks to obtain the largest market share of up to about 30% of the Egyptian market. It is necessary for the Egyptian market to introduce diversity in products and capabilities, as his company seeks to be distinguished by high-quality products, he reiterated.
The President of Maryzad expected that the Egyptian market would witness a qualitative leap in demand for solar and renewable energy products, which would contribute to reaching Maryzad’s goal of recording a 30% market share by 2025.

Baybars expects that the company's total sales of solar cells will reach 120 megawatts, including the field of distribution and major projects with government and international sectors, explaining that the market is beginning to become more stable and see  demand for solar energy products rebounds.

He pointed out that the Egyptian market was relying on a less efficient  distribution mechanism, but the market began to witness a new correction in the right direction with demand starting to rebound. Trina’s products feature  fair prices as well as high quality, in the wake of launching new products with an efficiency exceeding 23%, he elaborated.

Mohamed Zaki, Marketing Sector Manager at Marizad Solar Energy Company, said that Maryzad has about 20 distributors nationwide, and its distributors have scored great successes, in addition to the customers who deal with Maryzad directly.

Zaki added in his statements that Maryzad seeks to provide the latest models of cells and components to the Egyptian market with the highest quality and production efficiency, helping reduce investments.

Zaki pointed out that Maryzad seeks to expand cooperation with the private sector and maintain its customers in a way that contributes to increasing the volume of its business.  “I believe that Maryzad’s base has provided the needed products to a great extent, despite the headwinds that the market has encountered previously,” said he.