Abu Dhabi, UAE: The Sheikh Zayed Festival continues its objective of highlighting and preserving the UAE’s culture and heritage, re-affirming the depth of Emirati history and civilization, and passing its values on to future generations through various events and pavilions, including medical services.

Burjeel Holding offers a range of healthcare services at the Sheikh Zayed Festival in Abu Dhabi’s Al Wahtba area through its "Burjeel Smart Clinic", which includes an ambulance service for emergencies while also serving as an introduction to the medical services provided by Burjeel Hospitals.

The clinic, located near Gate 1, provides multiple medical services to Festival visitors throughout the hours that the gates are open, and assists anyone in need of first aid or other forms of medical care in case of emergencies, in addition to offering some regular medical services to those who might have specific health needs, and general check-ups such as blood pressure and sugar level tests.

Burjeel Hospital is an integral part of the popular international event in which visitors can explore the cultures and performances of those entities participating at the Festival.

The Burjeel Smart Clinic call centre provides visitors with multiple services such as appointment booking at any of the Burjeel Holdings’ hospitals and introducing the "Ifhas" program for UAE citizens who hold a “Thiqa” card, which provides a free full check-up. All call-centre employees of Burjeel Hospitals are highly qualified and trained to deal with the public’s needs and respond to all their inquiries or emergencies, thus enhancing constructive communication between the hospital and all community members.


For more information on Sheikh Zayed Festival, please contact:
Wael Sarieddine
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